5 tips to keep coffee hot for a longer time

A hot cup of coffee always makes your day stress-free while you are so busy with your work. For sure, a hot cup of coffee after a long sleep in the morning just makes your day, especially in the winter when you are facing a cold day ahead. But the problem is when it cools down to regular temperature, it is not drinkable anymore. So you have to know some quick tips to keep coffee hot for a long time even in the cold weather.

Moreover, you don’t have to wait for long periods to enjoy your favorite cup of hot coffee, because now you can find a lot of ways to keep your coffee hot. We do a quick research and put together a list of our favorite ways to keep your coffee hot and warm. This means you can drink your favorite cup of coffee whenever you want. If you follow those tips you will enjoy drinking hot coffee whenever you want and you will never make that sour face that comes with drinking a cup of joe that is much cooler than you were expecting.

A cup of hot coffee always provides a relaxing effect on your brain. First, it provides a great break from the workday. When you enjoy your coffee and finish your full cup of coffee, it will balance your work and put you away from your computers. When you find your coffee is hot, you get the benefits of slowly savored sips, warm mugs, and steam carrying all those delicious smells directly to your sleepy brain. A lot of people admit that steaming coffee is a sign that it’s been brewed fresh. So the argument is finished. Hot coffee is good.

tips to keep coffee hot for a longer time

Let’s find out if we can keep coffee hot for a longer time, without running the risk of it tasting like shit. But first – we’ve got some myths to bust about keeping your coffee warm.

4 Myths About Keeping Your Coffee Warm

Let’s find some myths about keeping your coffee warm for a long time but it’s actually a myth, It is not possible in real life.

Myth – 1: Use A Hot Plate

The truth is: Hot plates are great for heating shit up, but not for your coffee.

Using a hot plate will use direct heat to produce high temperatures. It will take your coffee from cool to scalding hot. This is actually the problem. When your coffee gets instant heat, it will over-extract your coffee and make it taste bitter. So you can not enjoy your coffee with this process.

Myth – 2: Using A Candle Warmer 

The truth is: Generally, candle warmers are used to warm up scented candles. When seeing the design of this, you will find out this will be the perfect size for your cup. But it will also work as a hot plate.

Don’t be ambitious much. It uses the same technic as the hot plate; it can also take your coffee from cold and going bad to hot and bitter.

Myth – 3: Using The Microwave

The Truth is: The microwave is looking very convenient to me for making your coffee from cold to hot. All you have to do is place your cup in the microwave use some buttons to make time and make your coffee hot.

You see, microwaves use radiation, so your coffee’s temperature can end up uneven. You may get a heated-up brew that’s steamy on top, and still just as cold everywhere else. To top it off, microwaved coffee also leaves a burnt coffee aftertaste.

Myth – 4: Using The Carafe 

The Truth is: A carafe may have all the right elements for coffee brewing, but keeping it there so it stays hot is also a misconception.

This might warm your coffee but it will reduce the rich coffee flavors and leaves a drying effect on your mouth with an over-extracted

Tips to keep coffee hot for a longer time

Let’s discuss how you can actually make your coffee warmer for a long time.

Mug Warmer

This is a modern device to keep your coffee hot when you find that your coffee is cool like your room temperature. You can use this anywhere you want. Especially this electric device is perfect for desks or tables. You can use this at your office desk or in-home. You can easily plugin using a variety of plugs such as an AC Adapter, Car Adapter, and even a USB cable. Even you can use this portable hot plate in your car.


Immersion Heater

If a mug warmer isn’t work out for you then an immersion heater can serve you a purpose. All you have to do is place the immersion heater inside your cup of coffee and it will work as per your expectation. You can use this in your car also. The best part of this device is that it will not make your coffee cold as long as you are plugged in. So if you are driving or stressed with work, you can still find your coffee hot.

Ember Mug

This mug is run by an app. The mug also looks amazing and works like a computer. Basically, you can control the temperature inside of the nugs using the apps. This mug uses smart technology to keep your coffee hot. It will keep your coffee the whole day. You can change the temperature as you want. It will automatically turn off if it is empty and back on when it’s full.

Car Warmer

The car warmer is the best solution available for your car. This thing is amazing and designed keeping in mind of using it in the car. It comes with a double portable cup holder and will strap into your car. This will hold your coffee safe and keep it warm while you are on the way to your office.


Thermos is the proven method of keeping liquids hot for up to 24 hours. If you are a coffee lover and drink a couple of cups a day then this is the best choice for you. Instead of investing in heaters or cozies, just invest in Thermos. It will keep your coffee hot for a long time and you won’t need cables to heat your coffee cup.

Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Nowadays people don’t want to microwave their coffee or leave it on a hot plate because it can run the risk of having burnt-tasting coffee. If you want to avoid this kind of problem then invest in a coffee maker with a thermal carafe. Ninja Coffee has some popular options, and the Breville Precision Brewer is one of our favorites.

Mug Cozy

Mug Cozy

We all know that insulation makes things hot for longer. A mug cozy works like insulation to a mug and make your coffee stay warm for just a little bit longer. It also keeps beverages cool. You can find a lot of mug cozies that will provide little insulation to your mug so your coffee stays hot for longer.

Heating Pad

This method of keeping your coffee warmer is not conventional. If you have a heating pad in your office and you forget the Thermos or portable hot plate or any other devices that keep your coffee hot then you can use this heating pad to keep your coffee warmer. Set your coffee on it and if you have room, wrap part of the blanket around the sides.

Preheated Mug

This would be the last method that will help you to keep your coffee hot. Using this method you can slow the cooling process in the first place by preheating your mug. This is simple to do. Just heat some water in your electric kettle and pour the hot water into the mug before you brew the coffee into the mug. Just make sure that the coffee mug is empty before brewing. Because watery coffee is just as bad as cold coffee.

Which one is best to keep coffee hot for a longer time

You just find out, there are so many different ways you can keep your coffee hot. But it is true that some methods are better than others to keep your coffee hot without changing the actual taste. The true fact is, the methods that provide heat back into coffee aren’t good methods. What they are doing, just gives heat into the coffee making it hot, and takes the actual taste and flavors from the coffee. But if you are looking for a method that is in it for the long haul, these aren’t going to cut it. If you use those methods, you will find your coffee taste stale and burnt.

So the million-dollar question is what is the alternative? You have to find the products and methods that keep your coffee hot from getting cold is the first choice. Methods like preheated mugs and mug cozies are the best choice for keeping your coffee warmer. Nut if you want products that make this done for you. Just buy a good thermos or a thermal carafe.

Both of the products keep your coffee hot for a long time without damaging the taste and flavors. The mug cozies and preheated mug also serve the same purpose and slow down the cooling process. All other methods and products also produce heat themselves to transfer to the coffee.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t want to keep their coffee hot? If you don’t want to enjoy a cold coffee then you will take all the necessary steps to keep your coffee hot. If you have a room-temperature cup of coffee and you don’t know how to make it warm then it will be the worst day of your life. I think this is worse to have a room-temperature cup of coffee.

However, I believe that now you know the ways to keep your coffee warm for longer. So I think you never have to worry about drinking a room temperature cup of coffee again or wasting coffee.

I hope you learn and know the list of our favorite ways to keep your favorite cup of coffee hot for much longer. However, This is not the only way to make your coffee hot. You can make your coffee hot by your own methods. If you have some other methods to keep coffee hot, please let us know about them. I would love to know more new and creative ways to keep my coffee hot. 

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