Alternatives to Skype for calling landlines

When we talk about calling to landline the software always comes to our mind is Skype. But there are several alternatives to Skype for calling landlines. Yes, Skype has a good reputation for being one of the best apps for calling landlines. But due to some previous security issues, a lot of people are more concerned about their privacy.

Fortunately, there are many other calling landlines services available that offer almost similar features. From all the available options, It’s really difficult to get the right one for you. We have created this list of alternatives to Skype for calling landlines to help you choose the best calling landlines service for you.

5 Alternatives to Skype for calling landlines:

In this article, we are going to show you the best 5 Alternatives to Skype for calling landlines.

Google Voice –

Google Voice as Alternatives to Skype for calling landlinesWhen it’s Alphabets products you can assume that you will get the best support and experiences by using this software. It’s the best way to make an internet phone call without any cost! You can use it on any device like mobile, Laptop, Notepad, or Computer. It also helps you to organize your contact number! Google also provides Free SMS, Voice mail services and You can make a conference with this great tool too.

For Free call with google voice, It’s limited to the united state and Canada number only. and there is some time limit for a free call by using google voice. You can make a maximum of 3 hours call through google voice. I recommended using this great tool app on my mobile device. You can get the tool on Ios and Android versions and of course, you can use it from your browser too.

What we like
  • Connect your existing contact easily.

  • Call forward to your phone number.

  • Voicemail included.

What we Don't like
  • The free call is limited to the US and Canada.

  • Requir existing number.

Sipnet –

The Spinet is an open-source project, intended to organize data streams between browsers and other applications that support technology “point to point”. It`s included in recommendations W3C is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Foundation, and Opera Software. So you can use the services from your web browser.

What we like
  • Up to 3 parallel calls.

  • Reasonable Price.

  • No Hardware is required.

What we Don't like
  • In test mode, you can dial one phone number 10 times max.

  • In test mode, all destinations are not available for calls.

Avoxi –

Another alternative to Skype for calling landlines.  They are another leading cloud communications provider focused on meeting the international calling needs of their customers. They start their services in 2001. Avoxi starts with 5 countries now they are operating their services into more than 160 countries. According to LinkedIn, there is more than 100 employe working in this company. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Avoxi.

What we like
  • Global outbound dialing with custom caller ID

  • No setup fees, no minimum contracts

What we Don't like
  • A bit expensive

  • To cancel the services you need to contact support.

Textfree –

Textfree as Alternatives to Skype for calling landlinesThis is another great tool called Textfree. This free app can provide you with a phone number to make an app for app calls and text messages. Another great feature is you can customize the voicemail greeting too.

We can use Textfree to text our friends over the internet. That is we can use it as the internet to a mobile SMS services provider.

Textfree also allows us to call landlines numbers. Maybe there is some limitation about the number of minutes for the free call but there is some way to get more minutes. Yes by watching some advertisements video this app allows us to get a point to make a free call. Also, by completing free offers we can get more points.

If you do not use a Textfree phone number for 30 days or more then the number will be issued to reuse for other users. You can always get another one if your current number expires.

What we like
  • Get a real phone number

  • Its Supports voicemail

  • Free calling to any other user
  • Texting works with any phone number
  • What we Don't like
    • If you do not use 30 days or more the number will expire.

    • Landline calling minutes are limited.

    FreedomPop –

    FreedomPop as Alternatives to Skype for calling landlinesAnother great alternative to Skype for calling landlines is FreedomPop. It’s very useful to make an app to app or app to phone call service. We can make a real telephone, like landlines and other mobile phones.

    FreedomPop also allows us to make a custom voicemail greeting. It allows free international calling from over 60 countries

    The FreedomPop app works with Android and Iso.

    What we like
    • Get a real free number
    • Allow WiFi calling and texting.
    • By completing free offers Get unlimited free data
    What we Don't like
    • A bit more expensive.

    • Landline calling minutes are limited.

    Where to get alternatives to Skype for calling landlines

    All of the application has an Android and Iso version. you can get them on google PlayStation or iTunes. Also, all the apps are available on their website. By visiting their website, you can download, and use them. Also, there are some other apps used as alternatives to Skype for calling landlines like Golbfone, Second line, and many more.

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