Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer Review

When you talk about trust, innovation, and ambition in the quality food storage system, the name that comes first on the list is Avid Armor. Avid Armor is an American small business that is passionate about its brand. Their mission is clear to create superior vacuum packaging products.

Avid Armor is one of the pioneer companies in the food packaging industry. Avid Armor’s hassle-free vacuum sealing system and acceptable vacuum sealer bags allow you to preserve food fresh and eat fresh in your kitchen year-round. You will always get quality, dependable products, and services from Avid Armor.

The Avid Armor A100 is one of the dependable and customer accepted products in the market. This model is specially designed for processing & butchering wild game, fish, and harvest. This model is also great for your home kitchen.

This machine is developed to use both the home kitchen also for outside events. This machine is easy to use for your everyday meal prepping, storing leftovers, bulk freezer storage, and sous-vide cooking. You can consider this machine as the best commercial vacuum sealer for home use.avid armor a100

The Avid Armor A100 vacuum sealer machine is made with stainless steel, and the color of the product is silver. The size of the product is 13.5 x 8 x 17.8 inches (LxWxH). Being Stainless Construction, this product is durable and lightweight. This machine featured clear view lids that allow easy loading and sealing. The Avid Armor A100 has a heavy-duty vacuum sealing system.

It also featured a 12″ wide seal bar that helps you to seal large bags. You can control your sealing process and prevent yourself from crushing delicate food by using the pulse function. You can seal your bags frequently without vacuuming with Impulse Seal Function.

You can ensure perfect sealing by adjusting the time. The Avid Armor also features a Double Piston Pump with a Cooling Fan for Continuous Bag Sealing. It has an accessory port for marinating and vacuum sealing with canisters. The Avid Armor A100 vacuum sealer machine package includes a vacuum accessory hose, 30 pre-cut vacuum seal bag samples. The maintenance kit includes replacement vacuum chamber gaskets, seal wire, and Teflon seal tape.Avid Armor A100 Features & Specification

The Avid Armor A100 is a combo package for those who want the commercial vacuum sealer for home use and need to process & butcher wild game, fish, and harvest. This machine is portable, and you can carry it along with you while you are camping or sealing your game. You can also do your everyday meal prepping, storing leftovers, bulk freezer storage, and sous-vide cooking.

This machine is perfect for sous vide cooking because its customized bags are designed and oriented for this cooking method. You can also save a lot of space in your freezer and prepare your food for a few days and enjoy your kitchen’s fresh food. This machine is easy to operate and user-friendly.

The maintenance kits are made easier to clean and maintain properly. The large sealing bar provides the bags extra space to vacuum seal properly and saves the bag from getting wastage. The Double Piston Pump is allowed this machine provides strong and powerful sealing.

This machine is perfect for commercial setup and good for a large batch. This machine can consistently produce vacuum sealing, but when the machine is getting hot, the built-in cooling fan cools down the machine and starts working again. This machine is made for the long run, and it’s durable also. You won’t be disappointed with the service of this amazing vacuum sealer.

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30 Convenient Sized (10 Each – Pint, Quart, Gallon) BPA-Free Avid Armor Vacuum Seal Storage Bags. Vacuum Tubing for Vacuum Marinating Canisters (Canisters not shown nor included) And Replacement Vacuum Chamber Gasket, Metal Heating Element, and Heat Tape.

Strong and Durable

The Avid Armor A100 is built with stainless steel construction. This machine is not that heavy, but it’s durable. This machine is handy, and you can take this with you while you are about to process a large amount of game or doing your everyday meal preparation. This machine is specially designed for extreme level use. You can use this machine in every situation that other brands are not giving you the service. This machine will provide you with high-class service and keep your food fresh. This machine will give you service for a long time.

Clear View LidThe A100 vacuum sealer is designed to stand

The countertop vacuum sealer is not featured with a clear view lid generally. You can hardly find a model that featured this amazing option. But this is one of the most important elements of a versatile vacuum sealer. You can see the inside of the vacuum sealer and observe the sealing process and adjust the sealing process if needed. This also allows you to load the vacuum bags easily and seal them properly. This amazing feature is not common for a countertop vacuum sealer.

Pulse Setting

The Avid Armor A100 is featured with pulse settings to prevent crushing foods. Most vacuum sealing machines do not have this function in common. Generally, we crushed delighted foods like bread, fruits, and cheese while vacuum-sealing them. This mistake happens due to a tight seal, but Avid Armor A100 saved you from making this mistake again. Now you can seal those delight items using pulse settings to prevent crushing. This machine can save you money by not harming your foods.

Strong Seal Bar

The Avid Armor A100 features a strong seal bar that is 12″ wide and double seals the vacuum bags. The large sealing bar allows the bags to fit in the sealing bar properly and save the bags from getting waste. This machine can generate nonstop seals without cooling down because this machine has a built-in cooling fan. A strong sealing system preserves your food longer than the common sealing system.

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Avid Armor A100 below Features

Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer is Easy to Clean & Maintain

The Avid Armor A100 is easy to clean. This machine is not that complex and has all the features and is made with a stainless steel body. The stainless steel body makes the cleaning process simple and easy. If you need a great service from a machine throughout the year, you should maintain a machine properly. The maintenance of The Avid Armor A100 is easier because of the maintenance kit. The Maintenance kit includes replacement vacuum chamber gaskets, seal wire, and Teflon seal tape. You can easily replace your product and get the desired service.

Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer is Easy to Operateavid armor a100 Vacuum Sealer Machine Review

Simple operation and easy settings make a machine acceptable to its customer. On the other hand, complex settings and frustrating operations make a machine uncomfortable to its customers. The Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer machine is user-friendly and easy to operate. You can easily vacuum seal your product with simple operation.

Avid Armor A100 comes with an Automatic Control Panel

The Avid Armor A100 featured a fully automatic control panel to operate this machine smoothly and calmly. You can operate this machine by just pressing a few buttons on the top of the machine. The machine also has some indicator lights which will show you the full process of vacuuming and sealing. Those indicator lights will notify you of the completion of the vacuum sealing. This feature makes this machine more enjoyable and pleasant. You can easily operate this machine and can do your job.

Size and Weight of Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealer

The Avid Armor A100 is not a compact size vacuum sealer because when you think about a commercial setup, this machine will be large on your countertop and does its job. Though this machine is large, still you can move this machine around. You might need some extra space to store it but the service you will get from this machine is amazing. This machine is made with stainless steel, but it isn’t that much.

You can move around with this machine because it is lightweight and easy to carry. This machine is one of the perfect combinations of dual service in the home kitchen and outside events. This machine allows you to do the best of things with it.

Avid Armor A100 Features

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clear View Lid for Easy Loading and Sealing
  • Extra-wide, Easy-to-Load and Clean Vacuum Channel
  • Pulse Setting to Prevent Crushing Delicate Items
  • Impulse Seal Function to Continuously Seal Bags without Vacuuming
  • Adjust Seal Time Function to Ensure Perfect Seal
  • Double Piston Pump with Cooling Fan for Continuous Bag Sealing

Avid Armor A100 Specification

  • 450 Watts of Vacuum Power
  • 12 Inch Long Sealing Bar
  • Wide 5 mm Seal Wire
  • 110 – 120 Volt – 60Hz
  • 15″ W x 10.75″ D x 3.75″ H (5.25″ H including handle)
  • 14 lbs
What we like most
  • Built with stainless steel
  • Powerful Vaccum sealer system
  • Large sealing bar
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic control panel
  • Featured pulse settings
  • Featured Impulse bag sealer mode
  • Works great in marinades
  • Includes maintenance kit
What we don't like
  • Sealing process might be slow while working with a large amount of foods
  • The Lid is not friendly while moving
  • Doesn’t come with a warranty

Avid Armor A100 Review Conclusion

In the end, The Avid Armor A100 is one of the best products in the market right now. This machine is durable and gives you nonstop service. You won’t be frustrated with this machine because it has a powerful vacuum sealing system. You will enjoy the automatic control panel that is built for easy operation of this machine. You can easily clean this machine.

The large sealing bar allows you to seal tight and save some bags from getting wastage. This machine also featured two important modes Pulse and Impulse, which is not that common in the other vacuum sealers. Though This machine can save your day and preserve your food for a long time.

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  1. Eileen kane says:

    I have a BBQ hobby and have been smoking meats for around 25 years. I’ve gone through numerous vacuum sealers previously, typically the FoodSaver brand. I was constantly frustrated when things would not seal. Sexy meat is traditionally tough to close.

    When doing a big batch of pork, by way of example, we would frequently need to bag the pork and place it in the freezer for a few hours before trying to seal it. We proposed to cook the meat in advance and vacuum seal it and freeze it. I figured it was an excellent excuse to have a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner so that I did some research and decided to pull the trigger on the Avid Armor sealer. Wow,

    I can not overstate how happy I am with this item. We did 30 pork butts (125 pounds of cooked meat) for the wedding and DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE BAD SEAL. Not just that, we’ve had this thing for many months now, and we still haven’t had one lousy seal on anything. I’d have been thrilled with a 90% success rate. Avid Armor A100 Vacuum is a fantastic product.

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