Best Commercial embroidery machine review

There is a vast difference between choosing a home embroidery machine and a commercial embroidery machine. The best commercial embroidery machine has many features that a good embroidery machine lacks. Several feathers make a simple embroidery machine useful for commercial purposes.

When you have to do a lot of work and make larger designs and a short period, you can not do that with a home embroidery machine. In the old days, embroidery was done by hand, and it was very time-consuming for commercial purposes.

In this era of technology, embroidery machines have made the work much more comfortable and significantly reduced the workload. You can work fast with efficiency and precision with a suitable embroidery machine. Commercial embroidery machines are specialized to perform complicated tasks and larger designs in a short time. 

However, it is not easy to choose a decent commercial embroidery machine. Today the market is filled with different embroidery machines of other brands and with various specifications. But how can you choose the best one when you have so many options available. That is why we are here to guide you and select the best embroidery machine for commercial purposes.

A commercial embroidery machine has different parameters that are more powerful and advanced than simple embroidery machines. Their motor is more efficient than simple embroidery machines to work for longer terms and faster. Talking about these embroidery machines’ needs and requirements, they are used in every tailoring industry and fancy boutiques.

It is also one of the best-emerging home businesses that can get you a way to earn. Earning this skill is useful as embroidery is never out of fashion. In commercial uses, the embroidery machines do not work only on a single type of clothes; they are versatile in their functions and can work on various subjects. They are not only used for embroidery but also for sewing and quilting purposes. They work on has and other delicate stuff with greater precision and ease.

Tips: Find the Best embroidery machine for home Business

Kathleen Reid planing next hat design with her Embroidery MachineThey have excellent connectivity either through a USB drive or through the internet. In industry, many machines are used at the same time simultaneously, so the PC synchronizes their connectivity to work at the same rate on the same design. So you will need a lot of specs to look into if you are looking for a commercial embroidery machine.

These commercial embroidery machines can be free motion or computerized. A free-motion embroidery machine usually works totally on the user’s demand. The computerized one is a pre-programmed embroidery machine in which you can perform and fix every machine that features all the advanced systems to make your swinging digitally. We have our experts review the best embroidery machines and look at each one deeply.

In this way, we shortlisted a few embroidery machines that are best used for commercial purposes. You can look below for a detailed review of each product and help the buying guide choose the best one.

Best Commercial embroidery machine shortlist

Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine25.3 lbs803.2Buy on Amazon
Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine23.2 lbs1253.2Buy on Amazon
Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine26.1 lbs803.2Buy on Amazon
Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine25 lbs1605.25Buy on Amazon
Janome MC9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine23 lbs1753.2Buy on Amazon
Hopeson Sewing Machine8.83 lbs16N/ABuy on Amazon

Best Overall: Brother SE625 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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Buy On Amazon

If you think about a commercial embroidery machine then you always consider Brother brand because they produce top quality products throughout the beginning. Brother has many models of commercial-grade embroidery machines but the Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine is one of the best commercial embroidery machines in our chart.

The Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine will be a reliable and trustworthy machine that will make your craft room more powerful and efficient. This machine features all the advanced systems to make your sewing and embroidery experience easy and pleasant. This machine is a computerized and advanced machine that will be the perfect choice for an expert sewer. If you are a professional sewer and make your craft room a sleek modern with a machine that has rich features and advanced systems and also has a commercial certified machine then you should buy the Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine. You can do everyday sewing and also embroidery designs easily with this machine.

The Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine is a combination of sewing and embroidery designs. This machine is the best choice for mid to expert-level sewers to start a home-based embroidery business. Now you can enjoy more color with a 3.7” large color touch LCD screen. With this touchscreen, you can easily see the designs before starting the projects. The Brother SE625 comes with 280 built-in fresh, inspiring embroidery designs and if you need to import your own customized designs then you can import them through the USB port. Being a combo machine, you will also get 103 versatile built-in sewing stitches, needle up/down and variable speed controls, and drop feed for creative free-motion sewing. The working space is also large to handle the larger projects. The price of this machine is quite affordable and you will also get 25 years of warranty with this machine.

This machine is at the top of your list in the best commercial embroidery machine category. You will enjoy the fully automated operation and user-friendly experience with the Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine. You can read Brother SE625 Reviews here.

Brother SE625 Embroidery Machine Specification

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Kathleen Reid selection design for best Embroidery MachineBest Sellers: Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

61juNeA1JtL. AC SL1200 ReviewRound
Buy On Amazon

The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is one of the best commercial embroidery machines in the market for the home market with innovation and expertise. This machine will be the top pick-up machine who wants to start a home business and make a presence in the design world. The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is one of the top best-selling machines. This machine comes with rich features and an advanced system to make you feel comfortable while sewing or monogramming.

The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is also called Brother Disney Edition Embroidery Machine. The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine comes with a wide 3.2” inches color LCD touchscreen display where you can control the whole machine and can preview your design before starting stitching and you can also make some changes if any error happens to your designs. It also comes with a built-in color palette that will help you to choose the color of your threads before your start. This Brother Disney Edition provides 125 built-in creative embroidery designs and 45 of them are Disney and Pixar characters. You can save your designs on this machine because it comes with built-in memory. You can also import your customized designs or can download any designs from the internet through a USB port.

The embroidery area of the Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is 4X4 inches and comes with the perfect placement of your designs using a grid sheet and built-in alignment tool. You will enjoy a lot of fabrics with this amazing machine including denim. The giveaway list is also large that comes with this machine including a 4×4 inch hoop, three needles, three bobbins, two screwdrivers, a spool net, spool caps, scissors, dust cover, cleaning brush, and power cord. You will get a Brother 25-year limited warranty and lifetime technical online support.

As before we said Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is the top-selling product in the market right now. The price is much affordable and also great for the multiple usages. You can read Brother PE550D Reviews here.

Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine Specification

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Editor choice: Brother 1034d Sewing and Embroidery Machine

In the category of the best commercial sewing and embroidery machine, The Brother Serger Sewing Machine 1034d is at the top of the chart. Sometimes people bored to run a traditional sewing machine and want something new. You will feel very happy and amazing while you try the Brother 1034D Serger sewing machine for the first time.

The Brother Serger Sewing Machine 1034d is built and designed for working with difficult fabrics like linen and stretchy fabrics and for finishing off edges and hems, but it can do so much more. If you are first time with the machine you might be facing problems handling this machine but after using this machine continuously, you will master this setup. The Brother Serger Sewing Machine 1034d is built with a high-quality metal frame and interior components. This machine is durable and its operation is user-friendly. This machine is a high-performance machine equipped with A reliable 3 or 4 thread serger that can handle multiple layers of denim and other heavy materials.

The Brother Serger Sewing Machine 1034d is quite fast and can sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute. With Including foot pedal you can also control the speed. The threading system is not complex. All you have to follow is the color-coded upper thread guide and lower looper threading system along with included instruction manual and instructional video.

This machine is one of the best commercial machines in the market right now. All you have to do is just buy one Brother Serger Sewing Machine 1034d and start sewing because this machine comes with easy to go setup. You can read Brother 1034d Reviews here.

Brother 1034d Embroidery Machine Specification

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Best Budget: Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

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Janome always provides the latest technology embroidery machines with advanced systems for making the sewing and embroidery experience easy and simple. The Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine is an embroidery-only machine that is one of the best embroidery machines for commercial use. This machine is super user-friendly and easy to use. You will always have a great experience while creating new designs and showing your inner creativity. This machine is the best home business machine with commercial features.

The Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine is a computerized embroidery machine that comes with a large embroidery field to finish any sort of project. The maximum embroidery size is 7.9” x 7.9”. Now you can embroidery a large piece of design without breaking it into several pieces. This machine also comes with adjustable hoop positioning features. The Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine generates a maximum embroidery speed of 860 stitches/minute. This is one of the best features among all of the features that provides this machine. The advanced and automatic needle threader and thread cutter make this machine out of space and also save you a lot of time.

The Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine comes with a full-colored LCD touchscreen. This machine is computerized and you can expect the operation should come with a touchscreen. This touchscreen helps you to edit your designs including enlarging, reducing, flipping, rotating, drag, crop, combine, arc, etc. The Janome MC400E Embroidery Machine comes with 160 built-in designs that will help you to finish your projects with different options of designs. If you want to import your customed designs then you can easily do that with MC400E. This machine comes with a USB port. This machine is an amazing embroidery machine to start with. You will also have 2 years of warranty and a basket of accessories to make your designs experience smooth.

The price of this machine is also very gettable when you compare this with other models. This machine is one of the best embroidery machines for commercial use. This machine is top of our category. You can read Janome 400E Reviews here.

Janome 400E Embroidery Machine Specification

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Best for Beginners: Brother XR3774 Sewing And Quilting Machine

When it comes to commercial-grade sewing and embroidery machines, Brother will be the top choice for people who want to start a home business. Brother sewing and embroidery machine always win the race among other brands. We talked about several brother products in this category because when you look into the market you will always find the best products from Brothers. The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine is one of the best commercial sewing and embroidery machine right now. The reasons behind this machine are top of our chart is because it is reasonably priced and comes with a lot of useful features and accessories.

The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced sewers. This machine is one of the low-budget sewing machines in the market right now. Now people will enjoy the sewing experience with this amazing machine. You might not get professional grade service with this machine but still, this machine is the best commercial sewing and embroidery machine in the market. The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine comes with 37 unique and resourceful built-in stitches including decorative, blind hem, and quilting stitches, and a 1-step buttonhole. You will also have an advanced automatic needle threader and a convenient, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin.

The look of this machine is very elegant and dashing. The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine has a large bright working area. You can easily handle a large project with this machine. That is why this machine is a perfect fit for both beginners and experienced level of sewers. The operation of this machine simple and hassle-free. The Brother XR3774 comes with 8 sewing feet, including a buttonhole, zigzag zipper, narrow hemmer, button sewing, blind stitch, walking, and quilting feet. You will also get 25 years of warranty and free technical support via online, live chat, or phone for the life of your machine. You can read Brother XR3774 Reviews here.

Brother XR3774 Sewing And Quilting Machine Specification

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Kathleen Reid carefully selecting Yarn for her Best Commercial embroidery machineHow to choose the best commercial embroidery machine:

As told above that an embroidery machine for home use and commercial use are very different. So it would be best if you considered some factors before buying the best commercial embroidery machine. Some of these factors are of prime importance because they differentiate commercial embroidery machines from others. So if you are confused about what factors you should look upon while going to buy the best embroidery machine, continue reading.

No of built-in stitches:

Several built-in designs and stitches are essential. For commercial purposes, the built-in designs and stitches account for the most suitable machine. If there are many designs, then there is no need to import from elsewhere. This way, embroidering could be efficient and faster, and more effective.

The style and number of stitches are also vital as it helps in creating larger designs with ease. If the machine is to work commercially, then having a larger number of stitches and techniques is beneficial.

Type of usage:

When you buy an embroidery machine, you must consider its use as different machines for different services. A simple embroidery machine is only used for embroidery, while a commercial embroidery machine is versatile in its usage, and we can use it for various purposes. 

As mentioned above, a commercial embroidery machine has different specifications and parameters for industrial usage. So buying an embroidery machine for commercial purposes must be based on the features that an industrial machine demands.

Speed of Embroidery:

Speed of embroidery is essential in commercial usage as the machines are desired to perform at high speed. It is desired to function at high speed to increase production and improve the embroidery rate. It would be best if you considered embroidery machine speed to find the best commercial embroidery machines. Usually, commercial embroidery machines are designed to work at a higher speed than the common ones. They typically operate at the rate of stitches per minute. The greater this rate is, the faster the machine is.

Width of the throat:

This is an essential feature that must be considered before buying a commercial embroidery machine. This width refers to the distance between the needle and the machine body. It allows you to work on thicker materials with ease. The lesser this width is, the lesser is the ability to embroider for the machine. Considering the throat width is an essential factor that must not be ignored if you want to buy an embroidery machine for commercial purposes.

Hoop size:

The embroidery area is specific for each design. Still, commercial machines should always have a larger hoop so that larger designs can be built with greater ease. The hoop size is recommended for beginners to work on various articles of different designs before beginning the work. Even if the machine is with a small hoop size, it can work well for smaller designs. Their range is diverse for different price ranges. So considering your range, you can decide the hoop size.

The number of needles:

The needle is one of the major things that differentiate a commercial embroidery machine from others. A simple embroidery machine is mostly with one needle or a small number of needles. Still, a commercial embroidery machine has multiple hands that can be used with multiple strings. That is why it can work faster and make more complicated designs than other machines.


Warranty varies from machine to machine and brand to brand, so it’s our recommendation to choose a product from renowned brands so that your machine lasts longer. You don’t have to invest again and again in a machine.

This is not a big issue as it all depends upon your choice. All of our machines mentioned above have different price ranges for other budget customers so you can select the one that is suitable for you the most. So consider the brand that gives you the best warranty for the embroidery machine for commercial use so that you do not have to continue finding more. You can consider any of the above.

We hope that this buying guide might have helped you in choosing a good commercial embroidery machine. All of our machines on the list are picked considering all the above factors.

Common FAQ about best Commercial embroidery machine

How Much Does A Commercial Embroidery Machine Cost?

It largely depends on the needs of the customer. A commercial embroidery machine is available in the market at various prices. You will also find low and high-priced embroidery machines in the market. If you want to take a big machine for your work, it will cost a little more, and if you do not want to take a small machine, it will cost less. However, a commercial embroidery machine usually costs between $ 4,999 and $ 9,999.

What are the Best Commercial Embroidery Threads to buy?

For the customer’s convenience, we would like to inform you that a commercial embroidery machine has several types of threads that are made naturally. And each of these has its unique beauty and uniqueness. Two of the best and most famous lines are Rayon and Polyester. Rayon is much more elaborate and consists of many color combinations. However, so far, polyester thread is at the top of customer demand and popularity. It may be your best choice for use in commercial embroidery machines.

What are the best embroidery hoops for commercials?

We would like to inform you that many types of hoops are used in commercial embroidery machines. Here are some of the most popular and durable hoops so that you can use them in your business.

  • Caydo 6 Pcs Embroidery Hoops
  • Darice Embroidery Hoops
  • Similar to 6 Pieces Embroidery Hoops
  • INSANE Embroidery Hoops
  • Similar 5 Pcs Embroidery Hoops
  • Caydo 4 Pcs Embroidery Hoops
  • Ivinxy Embroidery Hoops
  • Frank A. Edmunds Embroidery Hoops
  • BigOtters Embroidery Hoops
  • Morgan No-Slip Hoops

You can use all these hoops in your work. However, before buying, you must look at the functionality of the circle and how durable and robust it is.

What is the difference between needlepoint and embroidery?

For your convenience, Needlepoint is a sewing technique or a canvas-like method of sewing, which is used when sewing by hand. It is usually sewn on many more delicate canvases, including mono, Penelope, interlock. This method is used to design blankets, Kanthas, house walls, fabric purses, and many more. Embroidery machines, on the other hand, create many beautiful designs using needlepoints and threads. So, embroiderers need a lot more of these two.

How intricate is embroidery?

If you want to learn embroidery, I hope you do not have to face any problems. It has many advantages, one of which is that it does not require as much time or money as other jobs. All you have to do is have dedication and work patterns. You can gain in-depth knowledge of embroidery. You can quickly learn it if you want.


All the machines, as mentioned above, are best to be used for commercial purposes. They have different ranges and specifications suitable for other users. No, you know all the best possible options for the best commercial embroidery machine; you can easily choose any of the above. 

But if you are still confused about which one to buy, then instead of scrolling through the internet and confusing yourself more and more with various products, you can just checkout out the buying guide.

We had our buying guide specified for special features that a commercial embroidery machine must not lack. It will help you guide the best. The first step is to create or shortlist a few elements in your mind containing all those features that you must want in the desired embroidery machine.

Then seeing each product, you can narrow that list, and then you will reach the product you want. Without confusion, you can choose any of the above machines as they are our expert choices. They are specially reviewed for commercial purposes and tested for different purposes. Only the ones that clear the test are included in the list and reviewed for you.

When there are so many different options available, it is undoubtedly challenging to select one. Still, we have done your work for you. Just read the review carefully and decide on the one that you like the most. If you want us to make any questions or improvements to our article, please tell us. We are always open to suggestions and learning.

All of them are available with different price ranges so you can choose the one within your budget. Commercial embroidery machines are very versatile in function, so you must look into each device. We hope that this article was useful to you! 

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