Sewing and embroidery is way more fun and some of the best methods to customize your old-fashioned clothes. And for that purpose, the best embroidery machine is what you need to get in handy. Embroidery machines are top-rated these days most probably because they allow you to multitask, saving both time and money. Most of these embroidery machines allow the sewing function and are digital.

Moreover, with the modern embroidery machines, you don’t even have to hold the cloth taut, you have to select the design, and there you go, the rest is up to the machine. Using an embroidery machine is best for the home business, and also, it allows you to embellish everything in detail. 

Kathleen Reid selecting new design for The Best Embroidery Machine

Today, embroidery machines have evolved so much that you can even work with multi-colour threads at the same time. You can put a detailing, a design on your cushions, and so on. The embroidery machines are available for different purposes and in different ranges of price.

Some embroidery machines are specialized for quilting and embroidering on hats as well. The machines included in our list have a different price range to fit different budgets. Most of the machines have digital displays and LEDs for displaying designs and allowing easy and clear sewing.

We did our research through an expert team to look for the best embroidery machines and provide you with the best possible options that you can consider according to your range and demands. If you are a neophyte or an expert looking for the best embroidery machine for practicing or expanding your home business then keep on reading, we have all that you need.

We will not only provide you with all the details of our top choices but also give you some useful tips to help you in choosing the best one for yourself. A good embroidery machine gives you multiple options for sewing, quilting, and embroidering various articles, including hats and also monogramming different clothes, thus opening a new world of possibilities and choices for you. You can easily personalize any design and fabric with its stunning features. 

Whether sewing or making embroidery is your hobby or you want to start a home business, you only have to invest once in the best embroidery machine for home business and then follow your passion. This will save you time and energy just with a little investment. 

It’s not an easy task to select the best one when you have so many great options available in the market. Still, as mentioned above, we shortlisted a few best ones with expert reviews and a detailed description of each one to provide you with the most upgraded information and to help you to select from the best.

Now it’s your task to narrow down from what you need, and you will reach the product of your desire. So without wasting time, let’s get started with our top picks for the best embroidery machines and don’t forget to read our tips to help you out!

Nice design by the best embroidery machine

How to choose the best embroidery machine:

It’s not that easy to select a premium machine when you have so many top brands and so many qualities available. That is why we are here to guide you through the best parameters that you should always keep in mind while choosing the best embroidery machine. These parameters, when kept in thoughts, would lead you to a suitable option within your range.

1-Brand of the machine:

In sewing and embroidery machines, the bigger the grand, the better machine it would be. It would be best if you always went for some renowned brands like:

  • Singer
  • Brother
  • Janome

There are a few others as well, and sites like Amazon have services for customer satisfaction. Find the best dealing site to give you the best customer support and service. You can also read various customers’ responses and reviews to get a better idea of which product should you consider buying.

2-Hoop Size of the machine:

Hoop size varies according to your requirements. If you want to embroider hats and large clothes then surely you will require a larger hoop. Most of the small sewing machines have a 4×4 hoop that may be small if you want to embroider larger dresses and other articles. So it depends upon what you are going to do. 

Some embroidery machines have an adjustable hoop size. Most commonly the hoop size ranges from 100 to 100 to 360×360 and beyond that. This expansive area will allow for easy design and embroidery. So it is one of the essential factors to be considered.

3-Connectivity of the machine:

As most of these embroidery machines or almost all of them work digitally and you can either use the inbuilt designs or import from an external device. This external device may be a USC, and an SD card, or a PC. 

The connectivity through PC or SD gives you versatility in function and increases the range of your designs. While you run a business and a customer approaches you with a unique design, you can easily link your PC to a machine and graphically create that design easily. Using a USB limits the designs to only the one available in there.

4-Machine LCD Size:

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider as it varies with the price. The more costly the machine is, the larger would be its LCD screen. Besides, you can also link it to your eye comfort so that your eyesight is not affected.

A smaller screen will obviously cost less, but it will put a strain on your eyes and later on will affect eyesight. So the price range and your comfort are concerned with this parameter.

5-Embroidery machine Price range:

Price range is the first, and the foremost thing to consider is the price range, and that would vary with your expertise. If you are a business holder, then you can invest in a decent priced machine for its long term usage. 

On the other hand, as mentioned above, you can select any of the above mentioned the best embroidery machines according to your needs and budget. We have top picks in every range so you can easily decide from the best ones.

6-Warranty of the products:

This is another essential thing to consider, as every customer wants a higher warranty. You can check both the manufacturer’s warranty and the warrant for the mechanical parts along with its accessories to get a better idea.

Different brands offer different warranties for their various products so you can always opt for a more reliable machine. The dealing websites have contracts with the manufacturers to deal with any falls with the quality or any faulty product.

7-Accessories of the machine:

The Best embroidery machine shortlist

There are a few accessories that are sure to be available with every machine while others vary from machine to machine. Most of the accessories are available with the machine while others you can easily add, and they can include a quilting table and other designing tools. It would help if you always looked into a machine that can grow. If you are just getting started or a neophyte or expert, you can always opt for the embroidery machine that can grow so that you can learn more and make progress.

These above mentioned key facts when kept in mind and that will allow you to select an excellent machine that is an all-rounder in all of your demands within your desired range. We hope that this buyer’s guide will help you with your selection.

The Best embroidery machine shortlist

Best Overall: Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine reviewLooking for an overall best embroidery machine in every domain? Then Brother PE800 is the best choice for you even if you are a neophyte. It has a large number of amazing features that you can use to perform many tasks.

It is an easy to set up embroidery machine that is very easy to operate as well. It would be a great choice for you in any regard. An embroidery machine must have many features as it has to decorate various things. This embroidery machine is therefore a premium choice in case you want a variety of designs.

Being easy to use this embroider machine is an ideal choice for anyone including beginners. It has a lavish LCD screen to help you work clearly. Man beginners are motivated with its wide LCD and a large number of options available for a wide range of designs.

It is just embroidery acne so it will be the best choice for people who are looking for a lain embroidery machine that just performs best on embroidery designs. It comes with a lot of in-built features that will be discussed next. These built-in designs and features make this machine t stand out among the rest.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Features:

There are many features that one must know about this embroidery machine they include:

Built-In Embroidery Designs:
It is a fantastic embroidery machine that comes with 138 built-in designs. These designs also include 11 fonts that can be decorated or embroidered in various manners. It helps you personalize your clothing items.

Along with these designs, you will get a compact disk with 15000 designs that you can use to create your range of designs. This machine also allows you numerous features to edit these designs. You can either vary their size repeat them or can invert them in any possible direction.

Big Embroidery Area:
Embroidery on a larger project needs more area. When you are embroidering hats or any other item then you need more area. This embroidery machine has a 5×7” of embroidery area on which you can work on heavy subjects such as jackets with ease.

Built-In Fonts:
One amazing feature of this embroidery machine is its built-in embroidery fonts. These 11 fonts help you to customize your outfits and embroider professionally. You can also combine various fonts to create new designs.

They can be used along with other designs to create new amazing and attractive designs of your own. You can enhance your creativity and boost up your skills by trying new designs.

Large LCD screen:
Brother PE800 has a distinct feature of a large display that can help you to perform various functions with ease. It gives you so many multiple notions and notifications in need that you won’t have to worry or take account of anything.

If the bobbin is out of thread it gives you a notification. You can also preview our design before it is embroidered. It can be real fun for beginners.

Built-In Needle Threader:
This machine comes with an advanced built-in needle threader. This function is amazon as it frees you from the difficulty of pushing the thread through the needle’s eye. It can do this function on its own.

While dong embroidery you have to switch between many thread colours so that also automatic. All you need to do is to push the lever and the rest is pre-programmed. So this feature also renders the task much easier for you.

Well-lit Embroidery Area:
This embroidery machine a super bright embroidery area. The embroidery area is brightened with LEDs. Such a well-illuminated embroidery area helps you to do well on embroidery tasks.

You can easily work on different kinds of fabrics with ease with such a well-designed embroidery area. Many fabrics need to be handled with ease. So a well-illuminated embroidery area helps manage the fabric while embroidering.

Fast Embroidery speed:
If you want to finish up your project quickly then this embroidery machine has the amazing speed to stitch fast. It has 650 stitches per minute rate so you can finish up your work quite fast. It helps in managing the task in a shorter time. This will also help to ease up your work in a home business.

Why Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine is the best?

All the above-mentioned features make this embroidery machine the best in every regard. Its large display makes it suitable for beginners. The easy bobbin winding eases you from consuming much time. The needle can also be threaded automatically.

A built-in thread trimmer picks up the thread on its own. Its multi-connectivity feature allows you to connect to the embroidery machine with ease. A USB port is present to increase the variety of designs.

All such features and characteristics make this machine best for a home business as well as for beginners. It surely is a premium choice for you in any terms.

Brother PE800 Product Specification

Dimension21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches
Weight11.82 Pounds
Ratings9.7 out of 10
Warranty Period25 years limited parts, 1 year labor
Wattage80.4 Watts
Built-In138 Design
Screen3.2 Inch

What we like most
  • Large LCD screen.
  • You can edit designs with ease.
  • The embroidery area is well lit.
  • You can preview all the designs.
  • Unlimited range of embroidery designs.
  • This machine is fully for embroidery.
  • The connectivity of the USB and computer.
  • Large built-In memory.
  • Decent range of built-In fonts.
  • The touchscreen is colored.
  • Compact and elegant design.
  • All features in an affordable range.
  • Advanced bobbin winding system.
  • Durable construction and built.
  • Designs and patterns can be edited easily.
  • USB design transfer is unlimited.
  • A decent choice for home business.
What we don't like
  • It is just an embroidery machine so you cannot do stitching with it.

Best For Runnerup: Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine reviewBrother is a renowned brand for sewing machines. It gives us the trusted quality products. Brother SE_600 is another premium machine for embroidery and sewing. This machine can be used for both purposes making it versatile in its functionality.

In its price range, it is the best choice for you it is an upgrade on its previous version that comes by the name of Brother SE400. It is itself the best embroidery machine. Brother SE600 offers plenty of features that make it a suitable choice not only for experts but also for beginners. This machine is also a decent choice for commercial purposes.

This computerized embroidery machine making it a lot easier to operate. It has a decent range of designs and a good durable built. You can easily embellish your different projects with it and it is indeed a great choice for anyone.

It can work on multiple fabrics with ease and it has a vast connectivity system. Embroidery is all about being creative so you can create your new designs with it and customize your items as well. It is indeed a good choice with all the features mentioned below. You can use it for sewing as well.

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Features:

After comparing various embroidery machines with brother se600 there are certain features in which this embroidery machine stands out the best. These awesome features are:

Versatile Embroidery and Sewing machine:
The best thing about this embroidery machine is that it is both sewings well as an embroidery machine. Being computerized in its action it can be used to perform both of the functions of sewing as well as embroidery.

It saves both time and money. Now you don’t have to spend extra on a separate sewing machine. You can sew things as well as embroider various items. So you can embellish your items as well as sew them.

Built-In stitches:
Brother SE600 comes with 103 built-in stitches and you can either increase the collection by using a USB or you can edit the designs and built new ones. In this price range, this machine has the most versatile designs among the other machines in its range.

Many sewing machines lack such a decent range of built-in stitches. You can embellish and do various small detailing on different items with this feature.

Built-In Embroidery Designs:
This sewing cum embroidery machine has 80 built-In designs and you can also have others through USB and PC connection. It not only allows you to edit previous designs but you can also create new designs and create your own.

Designs can also be downloaded from the internet so you can have a wide range of designs to use. This feature is also not very upgraded in others and it has the best designs in its range.

Built-In Embroidery Fonts:
There are 6 embroidery fonts for customizing your clothes and embroidering items. These letters can create beautiful designs when used specifically in different patterns. You can use them to create various symbols, numbers, and letters.

Large LCD Screen:
Brother SE600 has a big screen on the front. The screen is coloured and you can perform various functions with ease on that. You can easily see and select the design on the screen.

The screen can be used to preview the design edit it according to your needs and creating your designs. You can also combine various stitches and designs to create your collection.

The screen also keeps you notified of the various functions and the thread colours can be changed with just a touch. The coloured touch screen allows you to perform better.

Drop-In Bobbin:
This is an easy to set up embroidery machine. It can be operated with great ease. It has a jam-resistant top. Many other machines that are comparable to this brand have a side bobbin.

That makes other machines uneasy cooperate. But this embroidery machine has a convenient drop-in top bobbin that makes it easy to use.

Large embroidery area:
Brother SE 600 has a large working area to allow you to work on multiple fabrics with ease. You can work on wide as well as small items within this area. Hats, curtains, and other items can easily be sewed am embroidered through this machine within this area.

Why Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is the best?

It is a 2-in-1 embroidery and sewing machine. It will save you money on buying a separate sewing machine. With all the above mentioned features it is no doubt that it is the best embroidery machine.

With a large LCD screen and a wide range of features, you can perform various functions with it. It has a fast rate of stitching so you can work fast and efficiently with this embroidery machine.

The embroidery mainly depends upon your creativity and what more you can bring out what you have. So if you got the skills then just pick up this machine and go for it.

Brother SE600 Product Specification

Dimension19.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches
Weight10.14 Pounds
Ratings9.7 out of 10
Warranty Period25 years limited parts, 1 year labor
Wattage45 Watts
Built-In80 Design
Screen3.2 Inch

What we like most
  • A dual machine as it can perform both sewing and embroidery functions.
  • Connectivity through USB is versatile.
  • It is a decent choice for experts as well as beginners.
  • You can import various designs through the USB.
  • A 2-in-1 machine at a low price.
  • You can preview designs.
  • The display screen is coloured.
  • 3.2 inches large screen.
  • This an easily portable machine.
  • The embroidery area is well-lit.
  • It can handle various fabrics light and heavy.
  • 6 built-in fonts.
  • Connection through a computer is very impressive.
What we don't like
  • Some people may find it a bit costly.

Best For Beginners: Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine reviewThis sewing machine model is very large in its range. The Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine is computerized and included in the most selling machines of the Brother Brand. This machine is a premium choice for everyone because of all its specifications and features.

This sewing machine is also a decent choice for beginners as it is very easy to operate and has a good range of accessories. Experts can have a very good experience with this machine as it is very portable and durable.

Brother HC1850 is very portable and compactly designed for commercial uses as well. If you have skills then this machine can be a good choice for you to present your talent. Not only for sewing but also for quilting this machine is a great choice.

With all of its features, this machine is very affordable. Even if you are a beginner and want to start your work, this machine is a good option for you. We have reviewed this machine deeply and mentioned all the necessary features that you must know before you buy the sewing and quilting machine. The best benefit you get along with this sewing and quilting machine is that you can use it for multiple purposes.

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine Features:

After reviewing this machine in detail we landed on some specific features that one must know about this machine. Let us now take a look at all those features and specifications that make this machine a premium choice. It would be the Best Embroidery Machine for Beginners as it has a DVD with all the information to start their first project. Most machines lack many of the features this model has.

Easy to set up:
This sewing and quilting machine is very easy to set up. You can operate it very easily. Even if you are a neophyte and it is your first time dealing with a sewing and embroidery machine then this machine is the best option for you. You can set and operate it very easily.

You can just set it up quickly and start your work on the project the very next moment. You also get a DVD along with this machine. This DVD guides you through all the steps in setting up this machine. The video in the DVD not only guides you through the setting of this machine but also how to operate this machine.

Fast and Easy Quilting:
As mentioned in its name this machine is a dual-purpose machine. This not only works for sewing but also for quilting. With this machine, you can easily quilt. It is said that it is one of the best-combined machines in its range.

Whether it is a larger project or smaller you can stitch bed sheets and blankets and easily quilt them on your own. This function saves you time and money. So you do not have to switch between different matches for sewing and quilting.

Built-In stitches for quilting:
This sewing machine has special features for quilting. There are 14 quality built-in stitches that can just widen the scope of your stitching. These are separate for quilting so you can easily choose and design the quilt on your own.

The quilting is made easier with a wider space for doing this. There is a detachable table to allow wider space for quilting. There is a free motion quilting to make this ability much simpler. The built-in stitches can be used in various patterns to create new designs.

Wide range of stitches:
Apart from quilting stitches, this machine also has many other stitches that can be used for embroidery as well. There are 130 different stitching patterns and designs that can just do to your creativity.

These stitches include 42 stitches for garments and sewing. There are 94 decorative stitches for embroidering and embellishing the clothes. You can have various fonts stitching with its model as well.

Automatic needle replacement:
This model has an automatic needle replacement. You can easily replace the needle thread by just giving the position of the thread. This is a computerized machine so it is very easy to perform various functions on it.

You can also turn on and off this machine with greater ease. The needle can also be replaced easily with the instruments given in the kits. Using a screwdriver in the kit you can replace the needle. The thread in the needle can also be placed automatically. You can do a variety of functions with his computerized embroidery machine.

Why Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine the best?

This is a combo machine and it is the best due to the many factors mentioned above. It has easy quilting functions along with many inbuilt and other stitching styles.

It has separate stitching and quilting fonts. Along with the wide range of stitches this machine is very portable and easy to set up. The operation of this machine is very simple and can also be learned through the DVD present in it.

In other words, this machine has all the necessary functions and features that are required for a machine to be a good choice.

Brother HC1850 Product Specification

Dimension16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches
Weight13 pounds
Ratings9.7 out of 10
Warranty Period25 years limited parts, 1 year labor
Wattage60 Watts
Built-In185 Design
Screen3.2 Inch

What we like most
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • Wide range of stitches.
  • Different stitching patterns are available.
  • Free motion work table.
  • Easy quilting functions.
  • Very affordable in its range.
  • Different stitches for sewing and quilting.
  • Large display screen.
  • The touch screen is coloured.
  • Automatic threading is present.
  • 25 years long warranty.
  • There are many sewing and built-in fonts.
  • The needle replacement is also very easy.
  • Easy and simple operation.
  • The working area is well illuminated.
  • A larger range of connectivity is available.
  • DVD is present for better learning and guidance.
What we don't like
  • This machine is very lightweight.
  • Some people may find it not suitable

Best For Budget: Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine reviewThis Brother CS6000i is one of the best embroidery machines for sewing and quilting as well’ It has a large size but is very lightweight and efficient in its performance. It is also computerized so most of the functions present in this machine are automatic and you can easily use this machine for home business or commercially.

This machine is the best for beginners as its users report easy usage and a long-range of functions. One other factor that points to the choice of this machine is that it comes from a popular brand and is one of the best sellers.

This machine has been tested for various purposes and as expected this machine performed all the tasks easily. The operation is very simple and it has a whole load of features that accounts for this machine to be one of the best choices.

This model is very popular among the sewers and the best recommended for anyone. The experts reviewed this machine to be one of their top pics. With all the features to be discussed this machine is very affordable and you get all the benefits without investing too much money.

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine Features:

There are some features and specifications that you must not forget about this machine. The characteristics that stand this product out from many others are discussed as follows:

Easy to setup:
Being a good choice for beginners this machine is very easy to setup. It saves you from the hectic task of unboxing and setting up the machine. You can set it up in a few minutes and that’s it you can start over with your project right away.

There is a manual to guide you through the whole setup process. Everything is made clear through proper diagrams and labelling in the manual. With advancements in technology, these machines have also revolutionized and made sewing tasks much easier.

Stitching quality:
This machine is loved by many users due to the quality of its actions. It does the best stitching ad quilting in comparison to other models. The work is done with so much precision and accuracy that no one can turn their head from it. The designs and stitching of all types of fabric are very neat.

No matter how many stitches you select or whichever design you make this model will add to the perfection and professionalism of that design. If you are the one who chases creativity then this machine is the best choice for you as it will add to the pro-quality of your work.

This machine is also a good choice if you like to work on different types of fabric. Most machines do not work well on thin fabrics but this brother S6000i is well admired for its work on thinner fabrics.

It is an ideal weight machine. It is not too heavy so you can work on it anywhere around the house. You can also carry it anywhere you want. If you are a neophyte and in the process of learning then you can take it with yourself to your teaching centre as well.

It also has a carry case to make carrying easier. You can take it from one room to another easily with the carrying case. For a class or vacation, it is easily portable.

Quilting Table:
The quilting table is large and adjustable according to your needs. As mentioned earlier that the machine is large so you have a wider area for working. You can work on heavy projects with ease as the construction of every table is very strong.

This machine is specially designed for quilting so you can work on different projects wise ease.

Stitch Customization:
With its big LCD display, you can easily choose various stitches. It has a coloured touch screen to make it fun for neophytes as well. All the stitches and their details can be viewed with just a single touch.

There are diagrams on the screen to make this process of selecting the types of stitches easy. There are over 60 different types of stitches available for different designs. You can work on this machine very easily as it is very versatile in its performance. Therefore its stitch customization is very fast.

Why Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine is the best?

All the features mentioned above are account for the best functionality of this machine. There is a foot pedal included that allows you to work witty full authorization on their machine. You can also select between various sewing sections. It is a computerized machine so you can freely choose the speed of stitches. If you are an expert you can work well at high speed as well.

One amazing feature that makes this machine the best choice is its one-touch buttonhole. You can create a buttonhole in an instant. Just click the option and there is it.

Brother CS6000i Product Specification

Dimension7.01 x 16.26 x 12.48 inches
Weight19.42 pounds
Ratings9.7 out of 10
Warranty Period25 years limited parts, 1 year labor
Wattage71.5 Watts
Built-In60 Design
Screen2.0 Inch

What we like most
  • Very easy to setup.
  • The operating of this machine is very simple..
  • It has the best quilting table.
  • The quilting table is very sturdy.
  • It can work well on all types of fabrics.
  • The manual is very detailed and easy to interpret.
  • Threading is also very simple and automatic.
  • It has a hand key on which all the stitches are displayed.
  • The LDC screen is wide and very elegant.
  • The selection of stitches is very easy.
What we don't like
  • The stitching area is not well illuminated.
  • Some users say to use your own set of needs for the best performance.

Editor Choice: Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine reviewThis brother XR9550 is another embroidery machine for quilt and stitching. This machine is a new favorite of many users. This model is very easy to operate and can be set up with greater ease.

It has high-quality stitches and many features that are not present in others. It is an outstanding machine with regards to its quality it can high durability and its construction is very sturdy. You get a lot of accessories with this machine making it a syllable choice for beginners. If you have a lesser budget then this machine is a decent option for you. You can boost up your skills and work efficiently with this machine.

The quality of its stitches and durability of the machine is just amazing. There are plenty of features that this machine possesses but some are mentioned in this article that segregates it from others. You can have the best sewing and quilting experience with this machine

It is included in one of the top models of this range. This machine is highly recommended for beginners and expert sewers. It has an affordable price so it can work well for people with average budgets.

Kathleen Reid selecting the best Yarn for her Embroidery Machine ReviewRound

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine Features:

There are tons of features that make this machine a premium choice. Let’s take a look at the features that make this machine outstanding. Some of these features are missed by other machines and therefore makes this machine a good one.

Built-In stitches:
There is a wide range of 110 built-In stitches. These stitches can be used both for quilting and sewing. Such a wide range of stitches can easily allow you to create new designs and quilt with greater creativity.

If you are talented then you just need to come up with a good idea of how to use these stitches and make a unique collection of your own. There are also various decorative, alphanumeric, and heirloom stitches to allow you to work on a greater deal of projects.

Automatic Buttonholes:
The unique feature of this machine is that it has 8 exceptional styles for buttonhole. As it is fully automated then all you need to do is to select a suitable option for a buttonhole and to press the button the rest is up to the machine it will create the buttonhole in an instant of time.

The stitch selector push button available on the machine can be used to view the buttonhole and stitch choices that you can do on the screen. The guide to making these buttonholes is also present in the manual. Excellent quality buttonholes are the premium features of this machine.

Large LCD screen:
There is a large and coloured LCD screen for you to have a good view and easy selection of all the options. It is a computerized machine so you can have a variety of options and select and change anything with just a single touch.

The settings can be modified according to your needs. You can select the stitch of your choice with the stitch selector push button. It displays all the stitches on the screen and then you can just let the machine do its work.

Presser Foot Attachments:
There are 8 presser foot attachments for this model. You can have zigzag, buttonhole, overcasting, and many other button sewing options available in this model. The zigzag foot is normally considered universal and standard.

All of these feet have their own specific use. There are so many options for an expert and for a beginner these options are more than enough with this suitable price range.
The 8 feet styles include:

  • Monogramming
  • Button sewing
  • Overcasting
  • Buttonhole
  • Zipper
  • Zigzag
  • Blind stitch
  • Quality foot

There are many other decorative stitches as well.

Sewing speed:
There is a speed control slider in this machine. You can easily vary the speed to three speeds as slow-fast and medium. The machine will sew according to the adjustments made readily. When you had adjusted the speed once no matter how hard you press the pedal the machine will work at that speed.

The basic function of the foot is to start or stop the sewing. You can also use the start-stop button for this purpose.

Why Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine the best?

All of the amazing features mentioned above can be a good reason for the choice of this machine. It has a unique bobbin system that has a drop-in style. This machine has specially made bobbins for quality stitching and quilting.

The needle threader is also automatic. This frees you from the hassle of threading the needle. The working table is also smoothly made and is very sturdy. Due to its high durability and stability, this machine is the choice of most users.

The working area is very well illuminated to allow you to work with greater ease. In short, it is the best choice.

Brother XR9550PRW Product Specification

Dimension21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches
Weight13.74 Pounds
Ratings9.7 out of 10
Warranty Period25 years limited parts, 1 year labor
Wattage240 Watts
Built-In165 Design
Screen3.2 Inch

What we like most
  • A large number of built-in stitches
  • 110 automatic stitches available
  • The stitch length is adjustable
  • 8 styles for foot pressers
  • Wide area for working
  • Automatic needle threading technology
  • Speed can be controlled in three options
  • The machine is very portable and lightweight
  • The working table can be extended easily
  • Needle up/down function is automatic
  • Long term warranty is present
  • Compact and sturdy built
  • Large LCD screen for a decent view
  • The touch screen is coloured
  • An alphanumeric option for stitches is available
What we don't like
  • The thread cutter is not that sharp
  • The machine is very lightweight that can account for its being flimsy.

Kathleen Reid preparing new design

Common FAQ about Best Embroidery Machine

How to choose the best Embroidery Machine?

When you are determined to start a home-based embroidery business this is a very tough job to choose the best embroidery machine from the market. This is a very important part to choose the best embroidery machine to start as a beginner or experienced because of its related to a good amount of investment & some technical issue. If you are not sure what embroidery machine to buy? These tips will definitely help you to choose the best embroidery machine for the first time. Before any large investment little research can make your buy smooth & easy.

Here are the key factors to consider when you are choosing your embroidery machine-

1.Select the best brand in the market
2. What is the purpose of using the machine?
3. Does it fulfil the minimum specifications of your checklist?
4. The width of the throat
5. Is the sewing machine & embroidery unit separated from each other?
6. Hoop sizes range
7. What are the accessories you will get from the manufacturer?
8. Please check are the embroidery designs fixed or are they detached?
9. What is the portal they use for connectivity to transfer and access designs?
10. Can you use specific customized software for your machine?
11. Please check the warranty and service provided by the manufacturer.

Which is the best throat plate in an embroidery machine?

An embroidery machine throat plate is a metal plate that incorporates in below of needles & presser foot. When you talk about the best throats plate in the markets then you have to consider some key factors in your mind. Those key factors consist of Brands, Price, Warranty & Durability. Though all the top brands are their own throat plate for their machines. The markets leaders for the best throat plate in an embroidery machine are given below –

  • Baby Lock
  • Brothers
  • Janome
  • Singer
  • Juki
  • Bernina

How to maintain the embroidery machine for long term use?

When you take care of something properly it lasts long, this is the true fact for every machinery in this world. When you invest a lot to buy a machine for your business you won’t want any damage or decay for bad maintenance. An embroidery machine is one of the most expensive home appliances and if you do business with this then you should take the best care to maintain this machine properly for longevity & also for good operation.

Here are some tips to keep your machine longevity-

  • Always read the owner manual

  • Cover the machine after finishing the work
  • Maintain the power flow
  • Always use sharp needles & change needles regularly
  • Oil up the machine parts regularly
  • Always use standard thread colours
  • Clean the machine frequently
  • Keep away from spray adhesive
  • Make full servicing of your machine once a year.

What about an embroidery machine warranty?

Warranty is always an important element for buying any machines or appliances. When you get a product warranty you always feel free to use a machine properly. For an embroidery machine, a warranty is one of the most important things because you spent a lot of money to buy this machine. This is very much important for any beginner to have a warranty product. This will help him to save himself from unwanted loss. You will get the best products from the market leaders & they will give you the best warranty for their products. Here I Give you a table that contains the average warranty time by the embroidery machine manufacturer.

Embroidery Machine Warranty Comparison

Brand NameAverage Warranty
Brother25/5/1 Year (USA only)
Singer25/5/1 Year
New brothread25/2/1 Year
Janome25/2/1 Year

Final words about the best embroidery machine:

Now that you know of all the best choices for an embroidery machine, all you have to do is narrow down your options. All the embroidery mentioned above machines are a premium choice, each with its range of features now it’s up to you and your demands that which one of them suits you the best.

If you want to start a small business and have a low budget, then you can go for a machine up to or under $600, and as you expand your business, you can upgrade your embroidery machine accordingly. We have an option suitable for everyone as we cover customers of every demand.

Secondly, for neophytes in this field, you can opt for any of the above machines according to your budget. Still, we would suggest you opt for a lower range product for practising, and when you have the expertise and want to expand your hobby or passion into a business, then you can invest in more.

We hope that you would have found what you were looking for in our article and our reviews might have helped you in selecting the best suitable embroidery machine for you. There are many other options available in the market, but we aimed to cover the best one for embroidery, so we shortlisted the above one. Furthermore, you can consult our buying guide while you hunt for the best embroidery sewing machines in the market.

Our tips would help you in examining each machine thoroughly and quickly you will reach the product of our choice. In case of any questions, please feel free to ask below! Happy sewing!

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