5 Best toys for hedgehogs

Pet owners are always in search of the best toys for hedgehogs because Hedgehogs are so active and playful by nature. Pet hedgehogs love to play with various toys and always stay entertained. They are likely to entertain people through their playing activities. Now, what are the best toys for hedgehogs? There are lots of suggestions on the internet but you never found those helpful enough, if so, try out this list. Here we have found the best toys for pet hedgehogs that are mostly liked by pet owners around the world.

5 Best toys for hedgehogs:

There are many best toys for hedgehogs but we bring the top 5 toys for you. We hope your hedgehogs will love to play with these best toys. Have a look at the list of best toys for hedgehogs.

Kaytee Comfort 5.5 to 12-inch Running Wheel

Kaytee Comfort 5.5 to 12 inch Running Wheel
Kaytee Comfort 5.5 to 12-inch Running Wheel

The running wheel is one of the favorite and best toys for hedgehogs. This toy has a round running surface that rolls like a wheel and your hedgehog run inside rolling the surface. This is a game of unlimited running. Pet hedgehogs love to run on the wheel. Kaytee Comfort Running Wheel has an easy entrance & exit, a durable wire stand, and a two-way attachment clip. You can use the wheel to keep it standstill, or you can adjust the wheel inside a cage using the attachment clips. 

  • The running surface and the spinning center are so durable to take the weight.
  • It ensures physical activity that is good for the health of hedgehogs.
  • It is available in three different sizes: i) Small – 5.5”, ii) Large – 8.5”, iii) Giant – 12”.
  • The stand can be removed to easily adjust the wheel to a cage.
What we like most.
  • It has a smooth spinning capability that gives flawless running experience.
  • The running surface is designed as safe for the tail, with no risk of getting hurt.
  • It may create noise if the bearing gets dry or stained for any reason.
What we don't like.
  • Be careful about the correct setup of the stand, otherwise, it may fall down.

POPETPOP Hedgehog Snuggle Sack

Toys for hedgehogs
Toys for hedgehogs

This is a comfortable warm couch that your pet hedgehog must love to try. It can be used as a pet bed, in the car during travel, also it would be comfortable keeping on the floor. The soft and comfortable material ensures quality sleep for your hedgehog. Super soft and comfortable material makes this one of the best toys for hedgehogs.

POPETPOP Hedgehog Snuggle Sack looks so cute and attractive because of its lovely design and color. It is one of the best toys for pygmy hedgehogs. Using a snuggle sack for sleeping makes your pet hedgehog quiet and social. The adorable couch enriches your home appearance as well as the living environment of your pet hedgehog. It is made of fabric so you can wash it as required to maintain proper hygiene. 

  • Made of super soft and comfortable material, ensuring a warm and sound sleep.
  • Easily washable to keep cleanliness.
  • It can be used on a sofa, bed, floor, car, or anywhere your wish. 
  • Using this comfortable snuggle sack during sleep on your lap helps to bring your hedgehog near you.
What we like most.
  • This snuggle sack benefits you anywhere from home to outside.
  • Easily washable to ensure better pet health & hygiene.
  • This item has no hard surface and can be injurious if it falls from a higher space.
What we don't like.
  • It can cause health issues if it’s not properly dried after washing.

Oncpcare Playing Soft Hedgehog Bed

Oncpcare Playing Soft Hedgehog Bed
Oncpcare Playing Soft Hedgehog Bed

Perfectly soft & warm bed for your little pet hedgehog. It’s a lovely playable item with an adorable design and color. This bed gives enough comfort in winter also. You can enrich your home appearance by having one of these beds for your pet hedgehog. Pet experts consider these covered home beds as the best toys for hedgehogs. Because they love to stay inside and rest on a warm, comfortable surface.

  • Made of premium quality short plush flannel fabric, ensures the best quality environment.
  • It has 3 different sizes: Small (5.5 x 4.7 inches), Medium (6.7 x 5.9 inches), Large (8.7 x 8.3 inches)
  • There are options to add hooks and hang them on a stand.
  • It has silky fabric outside and cotton inside, so it’s quite easy to wash and clean.
  • It’s an attractive home appliance and a great piece of the pet toy collection.
What we like most.
  • Oncpcare Playing Soft Hedgehog Bed ensures a safe and hygienic living environment.
  • Keeps your pet playful and stops from doing noise around the house.
  • Be careful about the correct adjustment of the stand if you add one.
What we don't like.
  • May cause harm to health if it’s not washed on a regular basis.

Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair from Dahey

Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair from Dahey
Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair from Dahey

A lovely little plastic chair for your hedgehog. It’s an amazing toy that pet hedgehogs like to sit on and have a rest. This keeps your hedgehog entertained as well as brings a great look to your pet collection. 

As per pet owners’ choice, this chair belongs to the best toys for hedgehogs. For the design and color, anybody visiting your pet world must be attracted to see this. It’s a decorative, classy, fashionable plastic chair for pets. People mostly prefer to take photographs of their hedgehog sitting on this chair. 

  • There is a plastic surface for sitting and a metal base to keep its durability.
  • The chair’s length and width are 4.25 x 4 inches.
  • The smooth sitting surface is easily cleanable with wipes and water.
  • Perfect for doing photoshoots of your hedgehog at any place.
What we like most.
  • Add more decoration and attractive looks to your pets collection.
  • Keeps your hedgehog quiet and comfortable, detached from noisy behavior.
  • There is no toxic material used that can harm your pet’s skin.
What we don't like.
  • To prevent any risk, we must keep it in a safe place out of children’s reach.

Oncpcare Hedgehog Hideaway Tunnel Pet Toy

Oncpcare Hedgehog Hideaway Tunnel Pet Toy
Oncpcare Hedgehog Hideaway Tunnel Pet Toy

Oncpcare Hedgehog Hideaway Tunnel is a handcrafted tunnel toy for hedgehogs. This hideaway tunnel keeps your hedgehog busy in hiding and crossing for hours. It gives enough entertainment to the pet as well as you. This is one of the best toys for hedgehogs. 

Oncpcare Hedgehog Hideaway Tunnel is made of completely natural material that is safe and hygienic enough. It brings more enrichment to your pet’s living environment. Hedgehogs love to play in this tunnel, running and crossing from one tunnel to another, exploring for hours, and having their own place for hiding. It’s a clever way to keep your pet hedgehogs active in playing and entertainment.

  • Handcrafted with natural and sustainable material – corn leaves and straw.
  • It can be kept inside your pet’s cage or anywhere outside.
  • Size – Diameters 4.3 inches, Length 8.3 inches, suitable for any cage.
  • Chewable straws on the two entrance and exit sides of the tunnel.
What we like most.
  • It ensures a hygienic environment for your pet’s living area.
  • No artificial material is used, it’s safe even your pet chews it.
  • Be careful about damage inside the tunnel. It may interrupt the smooth movement.
What we don't like.
  • It’s risky with the reach of fire, keep and place away from any fire source.

Common FAQ about best toys for hedgehogs

Can my children play with the hedgehogs?

Of course! It is a good animal that children like a lot. If your kids behave well with it, just let them play with this Hedgehog, otherwise, it can’t be given.

Can you catch anything from hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can carry bacteria from humans to themselves, and can later become infected or spread to others. However, hedgehogs are always clean, so the bacteria in their body cannot be seen or understood. So we have to be careful when it comes to catching hedgehogs.

What happens if a hedgehog pricks you?

Hedgehogs can be dangerous to nurture because their cuts are very toxic and spread bacteria, so you need to nurture them with care. Hedgehogs have a good relationship with children, so you must be clean and tidy after mixing sports or fairs with hedgehogs.

Can hedgehogs carry rabies?

No rabies was reported in African hedgehogs, but sometimes they were seen salivating with rabies. So be careful. So it can be said that there are some signs of rabies in African and European hedgehogs.

How do you play with a hedgehog?

One of the best ways to play or socialize with your hedgehog is to cuddle your pet hedgehog in your lap and play with it when you are free or watching TV, then your hedgehog will be very free with you. Hedgehogs are usually very shy and sometimes take a long time to be free with people, in which case you have to be a little patient.

The Bottom Line about Best toys for hedgehogs

Check out the best toys for hedgehogs now. The selected hedgehog toys above are good for the physical and mental enrichment of your pet hedgehog. Pet owners often worry about the unusual and noisy behavior of their pets because sometimes they cause damage to the home appliances. For the wild mind of pet hedgehogs, these toys can bring the solution. Keep them playful and entertained for long hours, and enjoy your time without worrying. I hope the list above will help you to get the best toys for hedgehogs.

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