Ten Best Trackball Mouse Review

After spending more than two months testings fifteen trackballs mouse, we found the best trackball mouse on the market. Today, we’re going to show you some best trackball mice that can solve our demand.

We know there are differences between a trackball mouse and a traditional mouse. A trackball mouse is operated by a large ball on the top, which we roll with our thumb or forefinger to move the mouse pointer as these trackballs come with center-mounted balls, so it works for both right- and left-handed people. The mouse has several additional buttons, which we can program for standard computer functions.

Interestingly, a trackball isn’t as accurate as a good-quality Regular mouse. Although trackballs can help some exceptional cases like Gaming, people with some disability like Parkinson’s,

How we select the Best trackball mouse

How we select the Best trackball mouse

While testing, we Discovered the following features to be the most important in our research and testing:

The Mouse Ball: We found that the larger the ball size, the less rotation it needs to move the cursor throughout the screen. So we found that the Best trackball mouse should have a giant ball.

The Mouse Buttons: We looked for the same amount of buttons since we do about the wireless mouse. A trackball should have at least right- and – left-click buttons; however, we favoured versions with two extra buttons for back and forward.

Comfortability: A trackball should be comfortable for anyone and does not require wrist extension or deviation to operate. While Gaming, it’s another critical point to choose a trackball mouse over a traditional mouse. Some trackball mouse comes with four customizable buttons and has an ergonomic design with a detachable wrist rest. Featuring a detachable wrist rest, the trackball needs to be comfortable enough.

Operating Software: We may need to change pointer speed, acceleration, and or even scrolling speed. So we keep this point in our mind too. If we need Programmable Buttons, then the software can allow customizing that also.

Battery life and Type: If you choose a wireless version, this may be another key. From a wireless trackball mouse, we may expect at least four to six months of battery life. We found that some trackballs mouse are using AA batteries, but others have a rechargeable battery.

Connection Type: We found some mice with wireless connectivity. That mouse can support a 2.4 GHz USB wireless receiver or dongle, and It can be Bluetooth, or WiFi, or both. The good thing is each link type can give us a vital sign that does not cut over short distances.

Price Range: Price always a fact. The latest versions with classic design and latest software, and better build quality tend to charge $70 to $100. Elderly trackballs with old applications, fewer switches, and wired links are offered for about $20 to $50.

Warranty: Warranty gives us the freedom feeling about using any devices. Especially when it’s an expensive one, then Warranty can help us feel better. Most problems with trackballs come from quality-control quirks and surfaces in the first year of use, so we expect to see at least a one-year warranty.

Let’s take a closer look at our best trackball mouse review!

The Best trackball mouse shortlist

Best ForProductsConnectionWeighsButtonsWarranty
Best finger-operated trackballKensington K72359WWWireless21.6 ounces4-button3 year
Best thumb-operated trackballLogitech MX ErgoWireless05.8 ounces8-button1 year
Best AmbidextrousKensington K64325Wired11.84 ounces4-button5 Year
Best for Big HandsElecom M-HT1URBKWired09.40 ounces8-button1 year
Best for medium or average-sized handsKensington Pro Fit ErgoWireless07.00 ounces9-button3 year
Budget finger-operated trackballKensington K72337USWired10.40 ounces2-button5 Year
Best Customization OptionsElecom M-DT2DRBKWireless04.00 ounces8-button1 year
Best thumb-operated and GamingLogitech M570Wireless05.00 ounces5-button3 year

Best finger-operated trackball – Kensington K72359WW Wireless Trackball Expert Mouse

Best finger-operated trackball – Kensington K72359WW Wireless Trackball Expert MouseWhile picking fifteen trackballs, most of the mouse come from Kensington, and one model that deserve the top finger-operated trackball mice position is no other than K72359WW. Why? Because it deserves so. 😛

It was tough for us to select the best Best, Ambidextrous, Wireless Trackball Mouse. We review some great products and happy to let you know that the Kensington K72359WW model is the winner. It deserves the position. Let’s have a look at the key point of this mouse-

Ambidextrous design makes this model usable for right and left hands users. Dual Wireless Technology feature allowing us to connect the Trackball two ways. A high reliable 2.4Ghz nano receiver or by using a Bluetooth connection!

Size of the ball another key feature we should consider: Yes, we already know that the larger the ball size, the less rotation it needs to move the cursor throughout the screen. So we found that the Best trackball mouse should have a giant ball. Another brilliant invention is the scroll ring of the mouse. By Spinning the dial, we can move up and down any web pages or documents with complete ease. Like this feature very much.

This model comes with a soft-cushioning removable wrist rest. This pain-free feature makes K72359WW the most comfortable trackball Mouse. Using this wrist rest, we can extend our productivity periods for a more extended period. Kensington K72359WW is also designed with space where we can store the USB receiver. When the mouse is not using, We can keep the receiver inside of it.

What I Don’t like about Kensington K72359WW

Suppose you are looking for some full-color design, then it is not for you. This model comes in only one black. And the weight of the devices: they weigh around 612 grams or 21.60 ounces. You may found this a bit heavy than other trackballs.

Warranty: Kensington offers only a one-year limited warranty for this device. 

Kensington K72359WW Wireless Trackball Expert Mouse Key Features

[table id=143 /]

One of my friends says that it’s the most advanced Wireless Trackball Mouse out there. Buy this from Amazon.*

Best thumb-operated trackball – Logitech MX Ergo

Best thumb-operated trackball - Logitech MX ErgoIt’s a top-quality construct, comfortable use product. It is also smooth and precise performance is merely some of the most apparent features of the Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse. This feature will surprise you with its usability in regular workplaces or homework.

It is equipped with a rechargeable 500 mAh Li-Po battery, allowing for 70 days of constant use. You can thank its great sensitivity. It has sensitivity from 512 dpi to 2048 dpi. This not that small apparatus will deliver everything you might have expected from a standard wired or wireless mouse.

Although its price isn’t a budget-friendly one, its attributes have eight programmable buttons. Also, It has quality Alternatives software and great wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, which fully justify it.

Logitech trackball mouse comes supplied with optical sensor technology, and it allows for tilting up to 20°! This adds to its overall relaxation ability and allows easy finding of its ideal position.

There is a limitation, that is – this mouse is not ambidextrous. And it just works for right-handed usage. This can be somewhat disappointing.

A few more advantages of Logitech MX Ergo are its customizable trackball angle, Cross-computer control, and Rechargeable battery.

The high cost of the devices is the disadvantage of Logitech MX Ergo.

Nevertheless, Logitech MX Ergo introduces an excellent piece of gear, more likely to this general than to committed usage, such as gambling, and undoubtedly belongs to the group of the very best wireless trackball mice out there.

Logitech MX Ergo trackball mice Key Features

[table id=144 /]

Buy this Best thumb-operated trackball from Amazon

Best Left-Handed Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse – Elecom M-XT4DRBK

Best Left-Handed Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse - Elecom M-XT4DRBKAs there is not too much left-handed Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse demand so usually, the market size is pretty small. So we may not get enough products to compare correctly. However, we have some great products from Elecom. Its “EX-G” Series (M-XT4 Series) M-XT4DRBK model made for lefty people. At a reasonable price, the mice have plenty of options for users. Here is the key feature of this Mouse.

What I like about Elecom M-XT4DRBK

Six Functional and Customizable Buttons: M-XT4DRBK comes with six programmable buttons. That says enough. Isn’t Dude? With these extra Buttons, we can make your work or gaming experiences better. By using their software, we can assign the favorite function to each button. You need to download the software from their website.

Optical Tracking: We know optical sensors can read and understand our movement, so this technology can accurately help these mice readout movement. This superior accuracy can help us to improve our productivity and efficiency of our work.

Mouse cursor speed control: We can get customizable the cursor movement speed. This model has two options- 750 or 1500 counts. Get your computer set just the way you like.

Easy to Clean: The backside can quickly remove the trackball by pushing the ball. This makes it easier to Clean.

Excellent power management: The M-XT4DRBK comes with a better power management option. Low energy mode can help us to make battery life longer. When the device is noting use, we can prevent battery consumption by switching it off. When the battery level gets down, the battery indicator lamp will glow. AT this point, we need to change it. With High-speed mode, the device will track the more accurate movement. As a result, it will last less than Low energy mode.

2 Color: M-XT4DRBK wireless Trackball mice come in two colors – Black and Red ball. Both come with the same price tag,

Best for Lefty: Maybe there are not too many options, but this one is the best among them. I must say that Elecom design this especially. Based on six specific points in our hand and How our muscles and the skeletal system works.

USB Receiver Storage: For USB connection type trackball mouse, it is also designed with space where we can store the USB receiver. When the mouse is not using, We can keep the receiver inside of it. So you do not worry about getting it lost. I lost several times. 😛

As with others, this mouse supports Windows and Mac OS too.

What I Don’t like about Elecom M-XT4DRBK

AA batteries: They were using Standard AA batteries. If they use a rechargeable one, that would be awesome.

Weighs: The M-XT4DRBK weighs around 128 grams or 4.50 ounces. You may found this a bit heavy than other trackballs.

Wireless only: They have only Wireless, But there is no Cable option, Its a minus point of these mice.

Elecom M-XT4DRBK Thumb-operated Trackball Mouse Key Features

[table id=148 /]

There isn’t much to like here. With a substantial entry-level price and plenty of performance, we can say Elecom’s M-XT4DRBK is the best left-handed wireless trackball mouse. You can find M-XT4DRBK on Amazon too. Here is the link.*

Best for Big Hands – Elecom M-HT1URBK 8 button Finger-operated Large size Trackball Mouse

Best for Big Hands - Elecom M-HT1URBK 8 button Finger-operated Large size Trackball MouseAs always, Elecom brings another finger-operated large-size trackball mouse. You can’t use a regular mouse for very long and certainly can’t use the best trackball mouse for gaming. Then this USB-connected wired optical mouse is a perfect choice for you.

Elecom M-HT1URBK Large Trackball Mouse key point We like most.

Eight Functional and Customizable Buttons: M-HT1URBK another right-hand-operated trackball mouse with eight programmable buttons. With these extra Buttons, we can make your work or gaming experiences better.

Size of the Mice: When you are looking for a big one, it’s right for you. If you don’t, then do not think about this one. At the very first time, it’s so uncomfortable to use, but after a few days, it becomes more comfortable for you,

Optical Tracking: Elecom using Optical Tracking for this model too. This superior accurate tracking can help us to improve our productivity and efficiency of our work.

Mouse DPI control: We can get customizable the cursor movement speed. This model has three options- 500, 1000, and 1500 counts. Get your computer set just the way you like.

Easy to Clean: By pushing the ball, we can remove the M-HT1URBK backside quickly. This makes it easy to Clean.

What I Don’t like about Elecom M-HT1URBK Trackball Mouse

No Wireless: This model comes with the only cable-connected version. Sometimes we need to use the working desk in a different place at this point we can’t use the mice.

Negative review: During the study, we read another user review too, and sometimes we found that this mouse does not work correctly with some device like Mac sierra 10.13.0

No software included: We need to download the driver from the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes it also required you to disable your firewall. We think they need to work on this point.

Elecom M-HT1URBK Trackball Mouse Key Features

[table id=149 /]

Overall it’s the right choice for Big Hand users. You can find this on Amazon too. Here is the link.*

Best for medium or average-sized hands – Kensington Pro Fit Ergo

Best for medium or average-sized hands - Kensington Pro Fit ErgoWhile not quite the best in its class, the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo takes the runner-up spot for best overall on our list. Thanks to its simple plug-and-play installation and customization options. It also offers an ergonomic 60-degree tilt design. Also, it has an organic handshake position. This helps to provide a comfortable user experience for long periods without causing any kind of strain or pain on your muscles. Unlike many mice on this list, the Kensington Pro Fit Ergo supports itself thanks to two AA batteries, granting up to 18 weeks of use before you will need to change them out.

The Kensington Pro Fit Ergo comes with full wireless support. It has a high-quality optical tracking sensor that gives you plenty of speed and accuracy. It helps to interact with programs on your desktop. You can connect the mouse to your computer using one little 2.4GHz dongle or Bluetooth, enabling you to get it connected to three various devices at any given time. It’s an excellently designed mouse that provides loads of versatility to the consumer while using a unique ergonomic layout.

What we like most about Kensington Pro Fit Ergo

  • Great sensitivity
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth performance
  • No cleaning required
  • Many customizable buttons.
  • Long-lasting batteries.

What we don’t like about Kensington Pro Fit Ergo

  • Not that smooth action
  • Not the best build quality
  • High Price

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo: Best Trackball Mouse

The Pro-Fit Ergo gets many things right, from a substantial choice of customizable buttons to thoughtful touches such as a built-in holder to the wireless receiver and an eject button, making cleanup a cinch. Additionally, it is ergonomically friendly, reducing wrist motions and keeping your palm in a 60-degree tilt.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Key Features

[table id=150 /]

Buy this Best for medium or average-sized hands mouse from Amazon.

Budget finger-operated trackball – Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring

Budget finger-operated trackball - Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll RingKensington makes a good trackball. But this isn’t Kensington’s top-notch product, so I had some reservations about buying it. During the research time, I read some bad things about the touch scroll wheel but decided to purchase and check it. And we found some exciting something.

We know the configuration software is essential; you probably won’t be satisfied with its default performance. I like to crank up sensitivity. Once we did all the tweaking.

I was happy with the feel of the trackball. It feels smooth. The touch scroll wheel works flawlessly for me whether I’m scrolling a page or making short movements. I might even like it more than a standard mouse scroll wheel, but it’s a bit early to say.

It has the essentials: an on/off switch, and easily removable trackball, and a receiver holder in the battery compartment. The mouse itself doesn’t have a premium feel, but it doesn’t necessarily feel cheap either.

The surface is a dust magnet. Straight out of the package, it has a lot of micro-scratches all over the body. It leaves the mouse with a cheap aesthetic up close, but these imperfections aren’t noticeable at arms-length.

Two buttons are opposing each other on either side of the mouse that functions as left and right-clicks. I find it a little awkward to click them because you are using your thumb and ring finger. It might just take some getting used to.

That’s all I have to say. I’m surprised this product isn’t mentioned more often. It is a solid trackball for those just starting with trackballs or looking for something small. In my opinion, trackballs are much better than traditional computer mice. They feel much more precise and don’t require any wrist movement. After using one for a while, you won’t go back.

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring trackball Key Features

[table id=151 /]

Buy this Budget finger-operated trackball from Amazon.

Best Comfortable Wireless Trackball Mouse- Kensington K72352US Touch Scroll Ring

Best Comfort  - Kensington K72352US Orbit Wireless Trackball Mice with Touch Scroll RingKensington K72352US Orbit Wireless is a very different style of rollerball from what I have used previously. It took a little while for me to adjust to the various button positions. Still, from the start, I found Kensington K72352US Orbit Wireless far more comfortable than any mouse I’ve used before, and my left and right-click now come very naturally.

Placed in the right position, I find that I keep leaving my hand on it, as it’s a very comfortable position for my writing and nicely padded. Rollerball control is enhanced by the slightly larger ball and the easy quick-change settings for speed on the mouse.

Kensington K72352US construction feels far more substantial and sturdier than previous mice I’ve had. The buttons are easy to depress but feel very sturdy and deliberate with no wiggle, and the scroll wheel has a good but comfortable grip strip. We know trackball mice aren’t cheap, and previous mice I’ve purchased have felt very cheap and tacky for the money spent. This is without a dought the most excellent ergonomic design mouse I’ve ever used, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and comfort it brings.

Kensington K72352US Touch Scroll Ring Wireless Trackball Mouse Key Features

[table id=152 /]

Buy this BBest Comfort trackball from Amazon

Best Customization Options – ELECOM Wireless Finger-operated Trackball Mouse

Best Customization Options - ELECOM Wireless Finger-operated Trackball MouseDuring this testing period, this model is the best by another brand than Kensington. If you ever owned and liked the old Microsoft Trackball Explorer or the Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman, you will love the Elecom Trackball. Elecom EX-G series 8-Button Function with Smooth Tracking, Precision Optical Gaming Sensor Best Customization Options Trackball in market.

We like this trackball. The mouse ball can pop out for cleaning but doesn’t just flip out all the time like the old ones. We used to lose or drop the mouse ball frequently, but now it’s held on to the mouse, about time. The only downside for me is that its base is a bit too high, so my hand is more flexed than the old models, so I’ve had a bit of cramping, but I hope that goes away once I use it more. The wireless mice, no exception, works excellent, with no connection issues. Recommend

If you use a standard mouse, try the Elecom M-DT2DRBK Trackball, and you will never go back to a mouse again.

ELECOM Wireless Finger-operated Trackball Mouse Key Features

[table id=153 /]

Buy this Best Customization Options trackball from Amazon.

Common FAQ about Best trackball mouse 2021

Should you switch to a trackball Mouse?

The positive side of trackballs

Beyond everything, a trackball mouse is NOT as accurate as a good-quality mouse. When you need precise cursor control or Looking for a comfortable hand position, then trackball can be an option for you.

When you are a gamer, a trackball can give you plenty of options as you spend long periods feeling uncomfortable with a Normal mouse. By keeping your hand as still as possible, it’s easier to perform precision tasks and considerably easier to avoid misclicks. It can help you stay in your natural position, but you still have precise control over your game.

Sometimes we may have some odd situations with some repetitive stress injury symptoms, and In this case, we can’t use Normal mouses. So for this kind of issue, we need this kind of trackball mouse.

The majority of users say this mouse can give us a significant benefit; it can save a lot of desk space. A conventional mouse needs some space to move around, but it does not! Which is another crucial point to consider. As the trackball mouse doesn’t need to move around, and its wireless options allow us to use them in any location we like. It can be on a glass table, in our bed, sofa, Or even when we are traveling! We don’t ever need a mousepad.

Yes, we can control our cursor speed on a Normal mouse, too, but most of the trackballs come with their operating Software. Their convenient controls features like cross-computer controlScroll speed control, Accurate tracking technology make it unique.

The negative side of the trackball Mice

To get used to it, we may need a few days of practice! To use all functions or finger buttons may feel uncomfortable. So If you have some project with a limited dateline, then pick this after that.

If you use a shared computer, then it’s also not a wise option to get a mouse like this. Maybe you need it, but other does not!

You may find this trackball mouse bad for your thumb. Because a trackball reduces the risk of RSI, it might cause stress to your thumb. The thumb-operated trackball mouse requires thumb movement so that you might get thumb pain.

How to Choose the Best Trackball Mouse for you?

We use iPhone or Samsung, or other phones. They all allow to make a call, send or read SMS browse the internet, or playing video games; just like this, Trackballs are different from normal ones. Here are a few things you should consider before you make your final decision.

Compact Design of the Product:

Thumb-operated trackballs

Some mice have offset trackballs operated with your thumb or with your index finger on one side of the unit. These models are exceptionally ergonomic and conform better to the shape of your hand. If you are right-handed people, this offset trackball mouse will be more comfortable using and learning.

But If you are left-handed, then you need to make sure it’s for you. Yes, there are left-handed models available, but not too much. Also, you have to spend a little more effort into finding a design that works.

Finger-operated trackballs

There is some finger-operated trackball mouse too, which will feature a single, large trackball in the centre. The ball’s large size needs very tiny movement, which can be positive and negative for us. In most cases, the finger-operated mouse will ambidextrous design. It provided the buttons are programmable – all modern operating systems can do this,

Another great thing is both a left-handed or right-handed user will manage these mice with equal ease.

As the buttons are generally large and close to our hands, palm meat can make some trouble. sometimes which can be a

How many buttons do we need?

We found some trackball mice come with few standard controls, which can be more than sufficient for many people. If we get as many as seven-button, it can be ideal for a gamer or developer, or graphic designer, and We can program those extra buttons. Example – media functions, opening frequently used programs, or even programmed for macros for gaming use. By choosing a programmable mouse with many buttons, We can get unlimited options.

Connectivity options

Best wireless trackball mouse connectivity optionsMost of the mouse comes with two types of connectivity – wired or wireless. Also, both kind of mouse has its advantages and disadvantages. Wireless connection options required mostly a AAA or AA Battery when wired design saves you the need, but we found wire around our desk. Some wireless comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be a plus, but you need to change it after a few months. It’s better to check more information about the Battery compartment too.

Both wired and wireless trackballs can perform the same. The trackball doesn’t require a fast pooling rate, and it doesn’t need ultra-high precision sensors, especially if you don’t plan on using a trackball mouse for gaming. If you do want to play games with one, get a model with higher precision. Max precision depends on your personal preference, but most users are OK with about 1500-2000 for their gaming needs.

Price affordable options:

The Price of trackball mice is another crucial consideration. In most of the cases, we found two kinds of prices for the trackball mouse. Go what you feel comfortable for you at you need quality products, then it’s better to go with a price at $70+. It is your call, mate,

What are the drawbacks of a Kensington orbit trackball mouse?

Nothing in the universe comes without a drawback. As we discuss above, there are a few disadvantages of a trackball mouse. They are expensive, and They take a long time to get used to the Kensington expert mouse. Also, it is hard to find a trackball mouse for left-handed people. And By using this, you may get thumb pain.

What Do Trackball Mice Have in Common?

Though every trackball mouse is a unique option, All trackball mice contain a large ball held in a smooth socket that can rotate in any direction.

The trackball replaces the scroll wheel and controls where the computer’s cursor is pointing. All trackball mice can be operated to lift their finger, thumb, or hand to reposition the ball.




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    Using Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse for years. is there any better one?

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