Entrige Vacuum Sealer Review

Nowadays this is pretty much impossible to not have an automatic vacuum sealer in the kitchen. Entrige Vacuum sealer machine is very compact and easy to use. This is a very much needy appliance in this modern era. This magical appliance can save your food and time. You can also save a good amount of money at the year-end. When it comes to the best brand of vacuum sealer in the market Entrige Automatic Food Sealer vacuum machine will come at the top of the table. This vacuum sealing machine is so popular in the market that people will be a fan of this product when they are starting to use it.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine is one the top choice of the customer for its incredible features. This fantastic appliance is made with ABS plastic. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is made with plastic and this is heat resistance and also chemical resistant. That is means this is safe & sound to use this product. Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine is very much compact and small can be fit anywhere and you can use it outside also. The Dimensions of this machine are 14.6 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches (LxWxH) which is compact and easy to move anywhere you want. This vacuum sealer comes in one color that is silver which makes it very good-looking and eye-catching.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine has a lot of advantages in the kitchen. Its Versatility & Convenience in The Kitchen makes this appliance very unique and time-saving. The most unique feature of Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine is its separated designs. You can easily take off the lid for easy cleaning and better safety. Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine has 2 Vacuum sealing modes witch is very much practical and useful. You can easily choose the right indication for the vacuum dry or moist food. Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine is very flexible and lightweight at just 3.75 pounds. This vacuum sealing machine is very much friendly to operate and can be controlled by anyone except kids & old people. It also has a free starter kit to operate this vacuum sealer very well. The starter kits contain a very powerful air suction hose that works like a magic. 5 x Entrige Heat-seal bags and 1 roll. Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine works like a magic. You can have the heritage now to save your food and also some valuable time to use this kitchen appliance.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Review

There is a lot of pros and cons of Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine but we will about to share the details of this product & why you choose this magical food sealer for your next kitchen appliance.

Versatility & Advantages

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine is popular for its versatility uses in the kitchen. Now you can make the meal preparation for the next few days with this magical product. When your food is saved from Bacteria and also from freezer burns, your meal preparation for a few days will more simple and easy. Now you can double your recipe of dishes and save the extra portion for later. This will save your time and also save your energy. You can make your meal preparation a very fast and simple way. You can ready your meal and save the meal for later at a time with this magical vacuum sealer machine.

Automatic Dual Sealing Systems

Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine has a useful and practical automated dual sealing system. Now you can seal your food by selecting the right indication buttons. There is two indication option one is for dry items and the other one is for moist. This simple indication system makes this product user friendly and easy to operate.

Unique Separated DesignEntrige Vacuum Sealer Unique Separated Design

This is the most unique feature among the other brand vacuum sealer in the market. Entrige Vacuum Sealer Machine comes with a separate design food vacuum sealer. This vacuum sealer has two-part and you can separate them for cleaning and adjust the sealer bags. There are always important things to clean your appliance which you use frequently. If you don’t clean your appliance very well it will produce bacteria and fungus which is not good for your health.

Preserve Food Freshness Longer

Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine preserves freshness on food 5X longer. It removes the air from the food packaging and keeps your food fresh. Air (oxygen) is the main element that spoiled your food. If your food comes in touch with the air it will be damaged by growing bacteria and fungus. Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Remove the air from your food packaging bags or container to prevent your food. That means you can have fresh food with proper packaging for a long time.

Increase the Capacity of Freezer & Fridge

Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine can help you to increase the capacity of your freezer & fridge to store extra foods. We all have the same problem. You are not capable to store foods in a proper way to save some space in the refrigerator. But when you use a food vacuum sealer to store foods its makes your task simple and easy. If you have a vacuum sealer like Entirge you can buy a bulk amount of food and store it properly. It can save your time and you can save some extra money.

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Perfect for sealing the Moist & Dry Foods

You can seal two types of foods with Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine. One is Dry & the other is Moist food. A vacuum food sealer removes the air from the containers for dry foods and adds some moisture to the moist food before sealing the containers. It’s automated indication features makes this machine perfect for both moist and dry sealing.

Automated & Easy to Use


Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer is created with a fully automatic operation. You can find the touch-sensitive buttons, stainless steel panel, LED indicator lights, electric plug-in, and the control center on the top of the machine which is easy to operate and you will get the best friendly experience while operates the machine.

Customed Made Sealing Bags

Entrige has the customed made packaging bags. Entrige sealing bags are re-useable and waterproof which keeps the freshness, aroma, taste, and color of the foods. Entrige sealing bags are made with good materials and well designed. The Best Vacuum sealing bags are best to keep your food fresh and don’t waste your money.

Compact & Lightweight

The vacuum food sealer by Entrige is very compact and also lightweight. You can store it anywhere in the kitchen or on a kitchen shelf. This is also impact resistant which gives you the relief of not to damage due to moving this product. You can carry this vacuum sealer to any place you want because of its lightweight.

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Automated & Easy to Use

Cleaning is Fun & Easy

Cleaning is the best process to maintain your machine’s longevity. Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine is the perfect choice for those who take cleaning as fun. You can separate this appliance and clean it easily. Its countertop is built with stainless steel. So it can be bacterized easily if you are not cleaning this product frequently. By cleaning this product you can also save your food to get spoiled and damaged by the attack of bacteria and fungus. You can also ensure your food freshness and safety. The starter kits also provide a cleaning cloth to wipe it clean.

Lab Tested

You can rely on those products which have some proper certifications and passed the lab test. Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine is one of them. Its raw materials have passed EU RoHS and REACH double testing. It has also earned the certification of ETL, ISO, CE. It has quality inspection reports and other important certifications.


What we like most
  • Fast and Easy to Operate
  • Changeable Settings Make it Versatile
  • Take Around 30 Seconds to Seal
  • Clean Up is Easy
  • User Friendly
  • Instructions are sound with Step by Step Guide
  • Re-useable & Waterproof Bags
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Chemical resistance Due to ABS
  • Automatic Operation
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • Low Price
What we don't like
  • Need to Push Forcefully to Seal the bag.
  • Intermittent Issues
  • No Spot for the Roll and no Cutter

Entrige Vacuum Sealer Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Entrige’s Vacuum Sealer Machine is a very good choice who really want a food saver. This kitchen appliance only costs around $50 and provides you the quality of work. You can easily rely on this amazing product. You can seal a good amount of food at the same time without making any noise and hassle. Most of the users of this magical product reviewed the vacuum expertise, seal capability, and versatility. At the cost of $50, you can have this food saver which provides you a good volume of sealing. If you don’t need to seal a large scale of foods then this should be the right choice for you. There are some little problems people quoted on this product. You have to force it to lock the bag in the right place which is much harder than other brands. There is no cutter also which may give you some troubles to cut & storing your bags.

Though there is some problem reviewed by the users, still this masterpiece is the right choice for Food Saver. This product is highly recommended by Reviewround.


  1. I have had this vacuum cleaner for over a month now, and I can state with assurance that it is worth every cent. I have been using this for numerous functions, from sealing processed foods to packaging things. It’s been a month+ because I’ve started to use it, and it appears to be holding up and functioning flawlessly. The purchase price of $53.49 to add a Lifetime Warranty is only a steal, of course, within reason of it breaking. I am a first-time user myself, so I was a little uncomfortable working with such a new item. It includes simple step-by-step instructions easy enough to read and comprehend for anybody. I hope this Entrige Vacuum Sealer Review was helpful for individuals who have been seeking questions.

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