How to Light an RV Oven? RV Tips and Tricks

If you own a recreational vehicle, you will know that it can be tough maintaining this. You will want to have all the equipment as well as appliances within the RV. It is also important to make certain that these are totally functional and also dependable. Any item will be seen as being useless if you do not know the way to operate it.

RV ovens may appear like ordinary kitchen appliances, however, you have to know the correct way to employ and light them. The procedure for lighting an RV oven tends to be simple if you have an idea of its parts along with what they are needed for. Today we will show you how to Light an RV Oven quickly and easily.

How an RV Oven works

How to Light an RV Oven?You may be hesitant to employ an RV stove or oven. You do not need to be as these work similarly to the ones in a home. Many RV stoves burn propane to ignite a flame.

When you turn the right knobs moreover adjust the flame level, you can get more or even less heat.

Often, you may have some central burner which is bigger and employed more often in comparison to the others. It depends on the size of the RV, but it will accordingly have more or even fewer burners.

Heat in an RV oven is produced when propane gets used to generate a flame within the oven. It is important to know that most RV ovens do not have a built-in fan that can circulate the hot air. This is why you need to know how to use it.

Usually, the RV stove will possess some cover that can be put when not cooking. Remember to make certain that the stovetop is cool before closing the cover.

Tips to light an RV stove

The majority of RV stoves have a knob along with a button feature that is used to start them. Turn the burner knob when wanting to light the RV stove. It should be turned to the ignite position. Then press in. You should simultaneously press the ignite button or you can turn the “spark” knob.

There will be a slight clicking noise at the time that the burner ignites. When the flame is seen, release both the knob along the button. After this, adjust the amount of flame as required. It may be frightening employing a propane RV stove for the first time, but remember that the cooktops are made keeping safety in mind.

If you want added safety, get a working propane detector carefully installed in the RV. Fire alarms are helpful here as well. This step will keep you safe.

Lighting an RV oven pilot light

Lighting an RV oven tends to be similar to lighting the RV stove, But, you will require a lighter to ignite the pilot light.

When wanting to light an RV oven, start by turning the oven knob particularly to the pilot light position. The flow of propane to the oven will begin when you do this. Open your oven door moreover utilize the lighter to ignite the pilot light. This is often found in the back area of the oven specifically towards the bottom. When it is lit, employ the oven knob so that you can set the desired temperature.

Tips to cook in your RV oven

You probably know this, but an RV oven is small. Adjustments may need to be pursued to make certain that the food comes out as you want it to. The following are some tips to aid you in cooking in an RV oven.

Get an oven thermometer

An oven thermometer can be used to know the exact temperature is in which you are cooking. Due to its size, the oven may run either very hot or even cold.

Make sure to keep on checking the oven thermometer so that you can make any adjustments when you are cooking.

Pizza stone to distribute heat

You may notice that the flame gives off sufficient heat but does not distribute this evenly, a pizza stone can be put in the RV oven so that heat distribution can occur effectively.

If the pizza stone cracks, you should not get shocked. It is a frequent thing that happens. However, it will continue distributing the heat.

Use the pan carefully

In some RV ovens, there is uneven heat distribution. To counter this you can simply rotate the pan. This should be done at least once when you are cooking.
When you rotate the pan, this ensures that the complete dish cooks thoroughly. This is despite it having a hot spot.

Raise the rack

When it comes to propane flames, these are a hot and direct source of heat. The foods which are put close to the flame are likely to burn in one spot moreover not cook in another.

Raise the rack if there is room to let the air circulate better beneath the dish and give you more even heating.

Food should be checked often

It is important to keep on checking the food often so that you can know if any adjustments are required. When you see that one area browns faster in comparison to the others, rotate the pan or even adjust the heat.

Because RV ovens tend to be small, much heat gets lost whenever you open the oven. This is why the oven’s window must be used often to see how the food is cooking.

Tips to clean the RV stove or oven

Apart from knowing how to light an RV oven, it is a good idea to know how to clean it also. This is for sanitary reasons, and a clean RV stove plus oven will help your unit perform better. You may notice that the RV oven does not heat as well as it used to. When this happens, it may require proper cleaning.

Before going camping you should clean the stove and oven. It can do magic to it. When using the oven, you should also clean it.

When there are any spills and crumbs clean these up immediately. Wipe the area using a wet soapy rag. You can use a top cleaning product as well. Manually take off the burners then wipe these clean.

Carefully remove any racks that are in the oven. If there are instructions on how to do this, follow these. Wash them using soapy water. The actual propane source of the stove can be wiped using a wet rag.

When you clean the RV stove and oven, it makes sure that no debris is present that can block the flame. This leads to low flame output.

Some alternatives to cooking with an RV stove and oven

A camper may want to know of more options instead of cooking only on the RV stove. When you use an RV to cook at a campsite, you can cook some delicious dishes that you like. You can become a chef in the wild. You will not need to only consume simple products that are premade when you go camping.

A campfire may be made which gives heat to your food as well as your family. It is also exciting to cook in the outdoor setting on a campfire. The atmosphere is relaxing. Campfires tend to be a fun way that one can cook stuff. It may be a hot dog upon a stick or some chilly within a pot. You can locate a good place to do this. Some Tips To Follow When It Comes To Cooking.

How to Light an RV Oven?

Some RVs have a built-in propane grill. A small grill can be brought if this is not present. You can get to know its assembly and use it.

Propane grills instant heat sources tend to be a wonderful way to cook a meal quickly. When you utilize a grill outside when it is a hot day, it is also possible to keep the inside area of the RV cool.

You can also use a microwave, induction cooktop, etc. You may want to use a gas cylinder. It is vital to be careful when you use gas cylinders for domestic or any purpose.

Many RVs have convection microwaves. You can bake food within the microwave. Employing electric appliances for cooking purposes saves you from burning propane on your RV stove. This is good if you possess access to some electrical hookups. If you are using an electric appliance, make sure you have enough power for your RV. Check to see how much electricity different appliances use like the refrigerator, AC, etc., in the RV.

Cooking in an RV can be fun if you are ready and know how to do this. You should have the right things if you do not want to fail. You will be able to cook a delicious meal in your RV in just your oven. If you have a new one and do not know how to use it, make sure to read the instructions. Keep it free from getting dirty and make sure it stays clean. Consuming a warm meal made by hand after an exciting day full of adventure is indeed perfect. You can get the best results if you use the oven effectively.


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