How to select the best coffee beans

When you are about to start a business, you will find a lot of possibilities and options before you are almost paralyzed by choice. It could be wine, chocolate, potatoes, cheese, or anything. Coffee is also one of them. In this era, not everyone can show you the right path to choosing the best coffee beans that you are looking for. Today I will show you the guideline of how to select the best coffee beans.

Today we will show you some key factors to take into consideration when you are about to decide to select the right coffee yourself or a loved one. If you want to purchase some coffee beans or you want to add them to your menu then you have to read this full article carefully.

This is very important to brew good coffee at home is to start with good beans. You have to check some important things in the coffee bags whether you are buying coffee at the grocery store, a coffee shop, or direct from a roaster. Are you get confused? Don’t worry we will gather all the information and hand you exactly what you need to buy the best beans you can.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to how to pick the best coffee beans. But this is much important to choose the right coffee beans because if you are wrong with choosing then your coffee is doomed and your money is wasted.

In this article, I will discuss with you the 3 simple questions that you should consider when selecting coffee beans. It will help you to select the right coffee beans and your coffee will taste so much better. I will also discuss some key mistakes that most coffee lovers make when ordering. I also made those mistakes several times.

In the end, I will provide a list of some of the best coffee beans as rated by coffee experts and connoisseurs. Read on with us as we travel the globe and answer the question: How to select the best coffee beans?

Where Do You Buy The Best Coffee BeansFor buying coffee beans, you have to collect them from local roasters. When you buy coffee beans directly from a good local roaster; you are buying fresh, high-quality roasted products. If you are new then buying from the local roaster is the best choice for you because they care about their products and maintain the quality.

If you don’t find a good local roster or you don’t have the time to find someone locally then the nest best thing is ordering from the online roasters. For an online roaster, You have to find a company that roasts your coffee after placing the order, not from the coffee roasted months ago.

People make the biggest mistakes when choosing coffee online. You have to avoid the temptation to buy from some places like the Grocery stores or any other online platform that doesn’t sell only coffee.

How to select the best coffee beans

I think you know where to buy the best coffee beans. Now I will discuss with you how to select the best coffee beans between the options. I said earlier, there are thousands of options online and you have to choose the right coffee beans among them. Now I will discuss how to choose the best coffee beans.

What Type Of Coffee Maker/Brewer Are You Using?

This is the most common and easiest way to choose coffee beans. The coffee brewing methods that you are using will make a huge impact on coffee beans that you can choose. You might be used to with your coffee brewing style of choice, and learn which beans are the best match. Here are some places to start

  1. Brewing with a french press then look for something medium to dark roast for a full-bodied brew
  2. Espresso machine then you have to be extra careful choosing the right coffee beans.
  3. The pour-over coffee lover then selects exotic single-origin beans with flavor notes that excite you.
  4. Aeropress
  5. Love the convenience of K-cup coffee makers

What Flavors Are You Seeking?

This might be the next question what do you like? The coffee flavors depend on people’s taste buds. Some coffee lovers like a full-bodied, earthy and strong ‘coffee that tastes like coffee’ with which they can add milk to and someone choose wine-like floral-y filter coffee flavor profiles. 

Different types of flavor selection need for different types of coffee beans. Here are some key factors to get you started:

  • If you seek wine-like fruity, floral-y exotic flavors then light roast single-origin coffee beans are great choices.
  • If you like a full-bodied, earthy, and strong ‘coffee that tastes like coffee’ go for a dark roast coffee.

Your Choice Might Affect By Some Unique Circumstances

The Best Coffee Beans In The WorldIf you have the habits or desire to have a good cup of coffee you have to look at the following circumstances that might affect your choice.

  • If you don’t have the coffee grinder then you don’t have to panic about it. Most of the roasters have a coffee grinder. When you are buying coffee ask them to grind your coffee. We won’t suggest you do that because it will harm the taste of your coffee. We suggest you buy a coffee grinder.
  • Before buying check the caffeine-sensitive rate of your coffee beans. It will change the taste dramatically.
  • There are super high caffeinated coffee beans worth considering, but tread with caution
  • If you are looking for coffee that is easy on your stomach then look for low acid coffee brands.

The Best Coffee Beans In The World

Enough with the education. You’re ready for the list. Here we provide you the best 05 coffee beans out of a lot of selection that should be on your storage.

Koa Coffee – Hawaiian Kona Coffee Beans (Hawaii)

Koa Coffee – Hawaiian Kona Coffee Beans (Hawaii)

Kona is one of the largest Hawaiian islands which is best for growing high-quality coffee. Kona coffee is the best coffee in America voted by Forbes. The weather on Hawaii Island is perfect for growing coffee beans. If you want high-quality Kona coffee, you will have to pay a premium. If you think the coffee from Kona is limited in production that is not true. Kona coffee is found in the United States where farmers are paid much more than the average farmer in a traditional coffee-growing country.

If you get the real Kona coffee then the money you spent on these beans is worth it. Avoid Kona blends only 10% of the blend could be true Kona. Always buy Extra Fancy (the grade) as that is the highest quality. The Koa coffee bean is excellent in flavor. It comes with a medium body texture, very low acidity, and is rich & smooth in taste. You can choose these coffee beans for your day-to-day coffee drinking routine or use them for your shop at a premium level of coffee. The Koa coffee beans come with medium roast or dark roast, which depends on how customers are brewing. Buy from Amazon.

Organic Medium Roast Coffee By Life Boost Coffee

Organic Medium Roast Coffee By Life Boost Coffee

If you are looking for an amazing tasting coffee but a bit concerned with some health implications associated with Coffee, Lifeboost coffee is a brand worth considering. The mission of the company is to provide organic coffee that benefits the farmer as well as the coffee lovers. Doing all those things didn’t compromise the taste of this coffee. Which is great to see.

It has an impressive number of certifications claims (USDA certified organic, mountain shade-grown, spring water washed and 3rd party tested for Mycotoxins) and tastes great when brewed with most brew styles. By from Amazon

Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica

Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica

If you are seeking for best coffee then  Blue Mountain Coffee From Jamaica will be your next choice. Jamaica produces a small amount of coffee every year and not all of them comes from the Blue Mountain. But the coffee that is grown in this region is demandable because here is grown at a very high elevation.

Blue Mountain coffee is extremely limited in production and up to 80 % of each year’s coffee beans go to Japan. These beans are very hard labor-intensive to produce, needing to be handpicked from the mountain slopes. It takes nearly 10 months to harvest because of the high elevation, cool temperatures, and volcanic soil. 

Blue Mountain coffee is also a premium grade coffee that you have to purchase wisely like Kona coffee. The taste is smooth and mild. It has also medium acidity that gives it a natural flavor. Buy from Amazon

Volcanica Coffee Kenyan AA Coffee Beans

Volcanica Coffee Kenyan AA Coffee Beans

Kenya coffee beans are one of the finest coffee beans in the world. The process of cleaning and packaging that farmers go through is unbelievable to describe. 

The effort they give to produce high-quality coffee beans is one of the greatest contributors in the world coffee industry. The farmers are rewarded with money to produce high-quality coffee beans. Kenya’s government organize auctions to sell those coffee beans. The high-quality coffee beans are sold for a higher price and the producer of the coffee beans gets an incentive from the government. These coffee beans will make you smile with every cup you drink because it has also had fruits notes and a mild taste. Buy from Amazon

Peaberry Beans From Tanzania

Peaberry Beans From Tanzania

The Peaberry coffee beans are one of the most exotic coffee beans in the world right now. The specialty of these coffee beans comes with a single round coffee bean inside the coffee cherry. Normally a coffee bean holds 2 beans side by side each with a flat side. The peaberry coffee beans are shaped differently and one inside the cherry. The shape of Peaberry coffee beans is round. Because of the round shape, these coffee beans are thick and they roast more unconventionally. 5% of the crop grown by the farmers is considered Peaberry coffee beans. That is why Peaberry coffee beans are more costly than any other coffee beans. Buy from Amazon

The phraseology of Coffee Beans

You always see a lot of things written on the coffee bags that you are not familiar with. Let me discuss some of them with you.

Arabica Vs Robusta

This is very important to know the types of coffee beans so you know where to start from. There are two types of coffee beans Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is a premium quality coffee bean with and higher grade than Robusta in terms of quality and flavor. The Arabica coffee beans are grown at higher elevations and provide more time to develop their flavor. On the other hand, Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine than Arabica. They are easy to grow and that’s why they have grown larger yards. For that reason, farmers want to grow Robusta even though the price is much lower than Arabica.

Arabica is grown for premium customers. On the other hand, Robusta is grown for the companies that produce instant coffee and other lower quality products and grocery store blends. This is not usual to see a roaster promoting their Robusta coffee. If you love coffee then stay away from it.

Acidity Vs Bitterness

We all know coffee is naturally acidic. But acidic is not a bad thing. Acidity is good for coffee beans because it provides coffee natural flavor. But all coffee beans are not the same amount of acidity. Different coffee beans contain different levels of acidity which some people are sensitive to these acids. The acidity contained in coffee has more to do with taste as opposed to pH (2), though many believe that acidity in coffee can cause digestive issues.

Coffee beans that come from Africa are usually contained higher acidity by its characterizes with fruity or floral tasting notes. On the other hand, coffee beans that come from Brazil or Sumatra like to have lower acidity with cocoa and nutty notes.

We all know that overly bitter coffee is a bad thing. Bitterness usually comes from the result of brewing. Bitterness in coffee usually happens when you extract too much out of the ground coffee. The rule is simple the more water will touch the coffee, the more extract will spread out.

In short: you can avoid bitterness in your coffee by perfect brewing but the acidity in coffee can not be avoided because it is natural and provides flavor. But you can take some necessary measures to avoid acidity like a dark roast or by selecting low acid coffee beans.

Single Origin Vs Blends

You will always see companies offering single-origin coffees as well as blends.

Single-origin coffee means unblended coffee. Single-origin coffee comes from one specific region like Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Single-origin coffee is a premium coffee and gives the perfect taste to you. On the other hand, blended coffee means, different types of coffee blended into a packet. Blended coffee is usually used by all coffee shops. I think you will never add some milk into your beautiful single-origin filter coffee from Ethiopia to ruin the taste of uniqueness.

Blended coffee is designed and developed to make a balance in terms of flavor, body, and acidity. An expert roaster might blend different coffee in one packet to get bright tasting notes to get the best of both coffees in one cup. This will possible when your roaster knows what to do with coffee beans for better taste.

How Much Does The Roast Date Matter?

Fresh product is always better to get better taste. For coffee, this will be the same thing. Freshly roasted coffee is better than the coffee that was roasted months ago. But you have to know the ideal number of days to consume after your beans have been roasted. With this topic, a lot of debates happen regularly but a safe range is anything between 8-20 days since roasted is best. The honest and best roaster always include the tasting date for their coffee. Which helps you to understand how long it’s been since it was roasted.

Let’s see how to keep the freshness of your coffee:

  • Buy coffee as per your needs for a few weeks
  • ​Brew within 30 minutes of grinding.
  • Keep your whole beans in a cool, dry place or a good storage container.

And one more thing to understand, your coffee may be too fresh. You should keep your coffee in a safe place at least 4 days after roasting due to growing of C02 (Carbon Dioxide) can affect brewing negatively.

Fair Trade Coffee

The fair-trade coffee has been grown and produced to certified standards, which are then upheld across the network of producers, organizations, consumers, and companies. In this process, farmers have a sustainable income who produce coffee on an individual and community level. They also maintain a negative impact on the environment where coffee is grown.

While this process offers better trading systems to coffee farmers. Many of them have a poor lifestyle and live in marginalized parts of the world. The process helps better living conditions for farmers and their cities, towns, and villages.

USDA Organic

By organic coffee, we all understand that it’s grown without pesticides, right? But this is more complicated than that. For being organic coffee you have to maintain and fulfill the requirements for growing, processing, and even packaging coffee to ensure that it meets the standards implied in the organic label. You will find some every country has its requirements and qualifications to approve the organic certification.

Other Good Coffee Regions You Should Know

We’ve mentioned some of the major coffee-growing nations in the above list of recommended beans. But sometimes you can choose your coffee beans alone by knowing the best coffee region. Here we will share with you the other region of the world that produces a huge amount of coffee.

Coffee from Asia and Oceania:

Australian coffee (unfortunately, not much good coffee originates from Australia; but they have great roasters)

  • Papua New Guinea coffee
  • ​Sumatra coffee
  • Sulawesi coffee
  • China coffee

Coffee from the African Region:

  • Kenyan coffee
  • Ethiopian coffee
  • Rwanda coffee
  • Yemen coffee
  • Ugandan coffee

Coffee from the Americas:

  • Brazilian coffee
  • Costa Rican coffee
  • Colombian coffee
  • Guatemalan coffee
  • Mexican coffee beans
  • Puerto Rican coffee
  • Nicaragua coffee
  • Haitian coffee
  • Peruvian coffee
  • Dominican Republic Coffee
  • Honduran Coffee

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us.

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