Inshore Spinning Reel Buying Guide

For the best performance, you must select a good saltwater spinning reel. There are certain factors that you must consider before you buy the best inshore saltwater spinning reel. It includes the following. It will help you to select the best reel for inshore. so check out this Inshore Spinning Reel Buying Guide.

SHIMANO Saragosa SW Saltwater Spinning Sea Fishing Reel review | Inshore Spinning Reel Buying Guide

Size and weight:

Before you buy the spinning reel, you must select the appropriate size. The reel must be lightweight to be used in saltwater. In addition, the measured size measured deals with the type of fish that you will deal with, so select the size accordingly.


The reel must be made of durable material. Mostly the reels that are best for inshore are waterproof. So you can consider the reel made of graphite or aluminum. Magnesium and stainless steel are also good to be considered as a material for saltwater.

Drag Rating:

Drag is an essential factor when selecting the fishing reel to be used in salt waters. A tough, smooth drag will be the best to be considered. The drag must also be sealed, so that saltwater can not size measured enter inside the reel to damage it.

Line Capacity:

The line capacity normally depends on the environment and the type of fish you are fishing. For example, if you target a heavy prey, the line capacity you will need would be higher. Similarly, you must consider the line capacity carefully depending upon your habits of fishing.


Sealing is very important in a reel as it is the main factor that controls the saltwater from entering into the reel. If the reel is sealed effectively, it means it is an excellent choice to be considered both for saltwater and freshwaters.

Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel

Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel review

The top of the list starts with Okuma Azores. This spinning reel is indeed the best in its size and weight. The Azores is the best model for beginners and the ideal anglers. Those anglers that need to fish with smaller fish are the best concern for this model. You can try this if you like. This model is perfect for beginners and professionals.

The 5.8:1 gear ratio makes this reel a good choice for dealing with tough fish. The structure of this reel is very lightweight. Suppose you have an average of them this reel with being a perfect combo for that. There are mostly six ball bearings, including 1 round bearing.

The drag of this spinning reel is undoubtedly awesome. The drag pressure it offers is exactly what you need to fight the heavy species of fish. It has a very right aluminum body, so it can be the best option to consider.

With a perfect body and max drag, this reel is waterproof to stand well against saltwater. The sealings are also good so that they can handle the inshore well. You can choose this reel as it is anti-corrosive and very strong.

Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel Price is around $100 to $120. You can get it from amazon.



Okuma is also a top-notch brand for making quality saltwater spinning reels. It is a bait feeder model. It is considered tough and durable. Being a lightweight reel, it is pretty easy to handle for long and challenging tasks—best with rods.

The fishing tackle saltwater spinning reel is quite famous because of its C-40X carbon fiber. This makes it up to fifty percent stronger than other graphite saltwater spinning reels.

This reel has an excellent price and is quite competitive in its surroundings. The market is filled with all types of spinning reels that claim different features but Credos stands out in them all. Therefore, it will surely be a good choice considering the price.

The structure is made of long strands of fresh carbon fiber. Long with resin. It makes it twenty-five percent lighter than other graphite saltwater spinning reels.

This bait feeder series is a replacement for the previous models for freshwaters. These standard fishing models offer more power for larger prey. Not only this, but also it renders the weight of the reel without a rod about 7-9 oz.

OKUMA FISHING TACKLE ABF55b Baitfeeder Reels Price around $50 to $60. You can get it from amazon.

Penn Ambidextrous Torque II Spinning 7500 Reel

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Review

The Ambidextrous Torque II Spinning 7500 Reel is a peerless saltwater spinning reel. The reel’s innovative design makes it ideal for anglers who prefer a right or left-hand retrieve.

 Its updated Slammer Drag System provides smooth drag performance and enhanced durability. And its 10 Braid Capacity delivers an ample amount of line to land the biggest fish quickly.  In addition, it has a deep elliptical gearing system.

The innovative design makes it perfect for anglers who prefer a right or left-hand retrieve. Size addition, its updated Slammer Drag System provides smooth drag performance and enhanced durability.

This helps it to reduce friction when you are casting while fishing. This feature indicates that it gives you an excellent casting capability and allows you to cast with greater efficiency and high accuracy.

However, if you need a reasonably good inshore reel with a rod, then this Penn Torque is quite a good deal for you. It is quite suitable to use with super lines and best for anglers that want to use braided lines. The line capacity rings are installed to the line availability.

Penn Ambidextrous Torque II Spinning 7500 Reel can be found on amazon.

Understand the Basic Parts of an Inshore Spinning Reel?

To select the best spinning reel, you must know what an inshore reel means. Inshore reel deals typically with the fishing of larger fishes. This type of fishing is done in almost 3 feet of the seashore. So you must know all the things and essential parts of a spinning reel.

Most of the fishes that are present are aggressive prey or larger fishes. These fishes are tough and very resistive, so you will need a strong fishing reel to catch them. Not only does it deal with the strength, but also the reel must have good saltwater protection.

These are mostly lightweight and exceptionally strong to deal with giant species of fish. The one more thing about inshore fishing reels is that they have a pretty strong drag system. So the gear ratio must also be enough to take the fish.

So the reels mentioned above are specially designed for saltwater. They can be used anywhere inshore or saltwater. They are specially designed, constructed, tested, and reviewed by experts to make them suitable for fishing in inshore and harsh saltwater environments.

Now that you know what an inshore spinning reel s you must know all of its parts. If you are a beginner, it can help you in choosing a good reel.

Spool of the Spinning Reel: The primary function of the spool is to hold the fishing line in its place. The spool has mainly two construction materials. First, it can either be graphite or anodized aluminum. Second, it evenly distributes the force when the spindle is rotated to turn the handle.

Bail Arm of the Spinning Reel: It is like a lever and is present on the outside of the spool. Its shape is mainly as a bar, and it allows you to open or shut the spool. Another thing it does is that it guides the fishing line towards the power roller. In some reels, a forefinger is present to feed the line to the spool.

Reel Seat of the Spinning Reel: This is important to attach the rod to the reel. It is mostly present at the rear of the spinning reel. The spinning reels with a rod can use this to attach the reel to the rod. Second, some may call it as if it is like a boat cleat.

Power Roller of the Spinning Reel: This part of a spinning reel is present between the bail arm and the spool of the reel. This part performs two major functions. It firstly manages the resistance on the line, and the other is that it holds the line in place.

The handle of the Spinning Reel: With the handle, you can move the reel. You can keep the spinning reel in motion with a handle. They are often made up of rubber. Handles made of soft materials like plastic are better than rigid materials as they offer more drag.

Front Drag of the Spinning Reel: For controlling the line tension, the front drag is present on the reel. This part is present on adobe the spool. From it, you can remove and place the spool as per your need.

Anti-Reverse of the Spinning Reel: It is a lever at the lower side of the reel. If you want to switch off the reverse ten, you can turn it on and vice versa. You can use it to prevent spinning backward. You can also use the gearbox to turn the direction.

Common FAQ about Inshore Spinning Reel Buying Guide

What is the best inshore spinning rod?

In any case, an ideal saltwater rod must be about eight feet in length. It must be a medium-action rod. A longer rod will help you a lot in inshore fishing so that you can last longer from the reel. The best rod will be a good combination of spinning reel and rod. It will be suitable for inshore.

What is the best inshore baitcasting reel?

Normally all types of fishing are incomplete without a baitcasting reel. If you want to catch larger prey, the best direction is provided by the baitcasting reel. You can consider any baitcasting reel as the market is full of them. Any good brand baitcasting reel would do.

Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel conclusion

If you are looking for a decent inshore reel, we have to get you covered. Whether you are a neophyte or someone looking for a new reel for inshore, we have reels for both. So you can take a look at our reels mentioned above and the reel that suits you the best.

We have also tried to spin off all the confusion in your mind and mentioned a decent buying guide to help you select the best reel. Hopefully, it will help you and guide you to choose the best. Good luck and happy fishing!!

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