KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Review

KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer is one of the Modern Marvel in the market right now. This little home appliance makes a miracle in the Vacuum Sealer industry. Its high-temperature resistance & perfect vacuum sealing system makes it out of this world.

Whay KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer is the best?


KOIOS introduces one of the best vacuum sealing systems in the market which can keep your food fresh & crisp up to 7 times longer which allows you to save around 3000 USD in a single year. Now you can easily convert your dinner into breakfast whatever you didn’t finish in the night.

KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer ReviewsIntense heat resistant

Intense heat can occur serious damage to the vacuum sealer bags & also the vacuum sealer Machine that we are not expecting this to happen. Nowadays Vacuum Sealer Machine manufacturers using modern technology to prevent this intense heat. Actually, they are making an intense heat resistant machine. KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine is one of them. It embodies a mica sheet into the bottom pad of the heating strip which can endure temperatures of up to 300℉.KOIOS’s phenomenal sealing system gives this machine the ultimate power to ply up to 45 times consistently without making any harm to the machine.

Automatic vacuum sealing

A one-touch automatic vacuum sealing machine like KOIOS TVS-2233 is really simple & easy to operate. The operating system of this machine is so easy that can use almost everybody even aged people.KOIOS Vacuum Sealer introduces the automatic buttons to have a sense of security and that is not causing inconsiderate touch problems, far from digital touch buttons. This is very important to be very fast & methodical for a vacuum sealing machine to keep the food fresh & alive. KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine has the privilege to do this.

Compact and Lightweight

In this modern era, people want their kitchen appliance should be compact, lightweight & user-friendly.KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine has also all the elements that are people love & want in their kitchen appliances. KOIOS should be the best choice for those who want extra space in their kitchen because of its lightweight & compact form you can easily put it in a kitchen drawer when you do not need this. That gives you extra space in your kitchen to add some new appliances and make your kitchen beautiful & comfortable.

High Suction Power

The best thing about this kitchen appliance is it used all the latest technology to make this product supreme in the market. Its electromagnetic pump and pure copper core produce enormous suction power which takes this machine top of the market. Not only that KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine suction power is 50% higher than ordinary models in the market that can easily save your food and time. You can also do the vacuuming in the manual of different types of food.

Seals ‘Dry’ and ‘Moist’ Food

This feature is very cool & almost everyone likes this. Generally, dry food is very easy to seals compare to moist food. In the market mostly all of the vacuum machines have one feature to seal the bag. But KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine has an interesting feature to make it easy to seals both moist & dry food in one touch. This feature gives you the freedom to reduce the oxygen on the airtight bag or pull to add moisture. Keep the freshness & longevity of your food by using this first-class feature of the KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine.

Professional accessories:

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer Machine provides you a matched cutter, sealing bags, and pumping hose. The delicate cutter is more portable & handy than the integrated cutter. This portable cutter gives you the freedom to make customs sized bags anytime & anywhere you need. KOIOS TVS-2233 always believes in their products & technology that’s why they produce their own sealing bags for customers. The ordinary sealing bags have a lot of problems & complaints. Sometimes customers flag the machine because of the ordinary bags that’s why KOIOS TVS-2233 comes up with the complete package for their customer satisfaction. This is a great initiative for customer satisfaction. KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine accessories are very user friendly and ready to use.

What we like most
  • Simple, nothing frilly or fancy
  • Easy to operate
  • Beautiful design
  • enormous suction power
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Advanced vacuum sealing systems
  • Professional accessories
  • ‘Dry’ or ‘Moist’ feature
  • Time Saver
  • 24 Month exchange or return
What we don't like
  • Having some problem with other vacuum sealing Bags
  • Have to buy jar sealers separately
  • Hard buttons.

Hope this KOIOS TVS-2233 Vacuum Sealer Machine helps you to understand more about the products. Fell free to check out our more review from Koios. Also you may check out the
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  1. Powerful and smartly designed- but a little large

    The vacuum sealer is very simple to use, and the cord wraps up easily to be stored under the sealer. The sealer portion is much better than other vacuums sealers I’ve used.

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