Star Wars Eclipse game release date and update

When you are looking for a Star Wars Eclipse game release date and update then I guess you know about the Star Wars Eclipse game. But if you don’t then We are here to let you know that as well. But before that let’s make it fast.

As we know Eclipse is being developed with Lucasfilm Games and is supposedly still in “early development” so the release date for Star Wars Eclipse game release date has not been confirmed yet, and we would be surprised if the game launches on this side of the early year 2024.

No platform has yet been announced for the upcoming title. There don’t seem to be many serious rumors or predictions out there yet, but we’re confident Star Wars Eclipse won’t be with us for at least a few years.

The game was first announced at the Game Awards on December 9, 2021, and it has been said that at this point it is “in the early stages of development” rather than running straight to the finish line. With that in mind, we could wait years for the game to actually be released.

What is Star Wars Eclipse?

Star Wars Eclipse is an upcoming video game from the developers of Quantic Dream. It will take place a few years before the prequel trilogy films and take place in what Lucasfilm calls the Age of the High Republic.

If you’re wondering, Yoda is one of the few characters from the films who would have been alive around this time, and he appears to be featured in one of the game’s promotional images from the most recent trailer. We have incorporated this special image above for your viewing pleasure.

The High Republic is said to be the golden age of the Jedi and a period of prosperity for galactic society, but it appears that many of the Star Wars Eclipse events are happening quite far from the luminous center of the universe. Much of the game is said to be set in “an unexplored region of the Outer Rim”.

The official Star Wars Eclipse announcement says there will be “new places to explore through never-before-seen stories featuring unique characters, each with their own unique path, skills, and roles.

What is Star Wars Eclipse

Which platforms we can play Star Wars Eclipse?

Quantic Dream aims to release the game across all platforms. But like the Star Wars Eclipse game release date, its paying platforms have not been confirmed yet, but we guess it will support, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S or PC.

Previous generation consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch maybe not be suitable for the Star Wars Eclipse games, but we’ll definitely let you know when the game’s launch platforms are confirmed.

Which platforms we can play Star Wars Eclipse

Can I pre-order Star Wars Eclipse?

Like the Star Wars Eclipse game release date, Pre-orders have not yet started, and it may be sometime before these product pages start appearing online.

If you want then you can sign up for email updates on the Star Wars Eclipse official website.

Where to watch the Star Wars Eclipse trailer?

The trailer has been published online, you can get this on Youtube. This looks like a live-action trailer, absolutely incredible CG. This trailer is epic in the truest sense. It’s like a full Star Wars movie condensed into 3 minutes. A lot of people are hyped for this game.

The whole trailer is great, but the music is on another great level. In particular, the final notes of the trailer stand out. We think the “Mandalorian formula” for music is being extended to other Star Wars stories, and I totally agree with him.

Where to watch the Star Wars Eclipse trailer

Developer of Star Wars Eclipse?

In recent months, rumors have spread about Quantic Dream’s involvement in the game “Star Wars”, so this confirmation is huge news.

Award-winning games like “Detroit: Become Human”, “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls” are known as Quantic Dream defines its “signature format” as “Interactive Drama”. This explains the emphasis on “different storytelling perspectives” and “threads that adapt in real-time to player choices and decisions,” which will apparently be present in “Star Wars Eclipse.”

Founded by David Cage in 1997, Quantic Dream is likely to bring its cinematographic and musical expertise to the “Star Wars Eclipse” cinema. The company has worked with big names like David Bowie, Elliot Page, and Hans Zimmer in the past, so it’s possible that some big stars could voice their presence on the upcoming title.

When Quantic Dream promised some exciting surprises for 2021 in January, no one knew such a large property would be involved. As development for “Star Wars: Eclipse” begins, players can stay informed by signing up for updates on the game’s official website.


Star Wars Eclipse game release date and update

So you know the now that Star Wars Eclipse game release date has not been confirmed yet. No platforms were announced for the upcoming title yet, either. But As as we get the date we will update you asap.

Choose the name of the game as players reveal new species, new planets, and plenty of exciting issues along the way. Peace is far from certain, as political divisions increase and each player’s decision can affect the fragile future of highways. Fortunately for “Star Wars” fans, this publicity is already more than enough for unwrapped Jedi optimists.



  1. Gary Davis says:

    So No date announced yet?

  2. Wise Pharaoh says:

    I’ve haven’t been so confused and excited for a Star Wars game for a very long time. This looks absolutely stunning, great work on this trailer!

  3. Mert Söylemez says:

    Even after playing the game a bunch of times I promise that I’ll come back and watch this masterpiece cinematic as beloved SW lore. It has all the markings of becoming a video I watch once in a while.

    For gaming especially I watched E3 2016 Sony press conference when there weren’t any news during the Covid pandemic, now I have another one but I’m sad it wasn’t much longer.

  4. Mert Söylemez says:

    Yes, Star Wars Eclipse game release date has not been confirmed yet.

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