VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is an excellent solution for food packaging that can work in both home and commercial use. The VacMaster VP210 has chamber technology and with this machine, you can simply vacuum liquids. This chamber sealer is effective for storing soups, stews, and sauces. The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is user friendly and helps you to store more foods. This amazing vacuum sealing machine is perfect for the home kitchen, restaurants, hunters, fishermen, and sous vide cooking methods. The VacMaster VP210 is best for regular use. VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the top-notch in the market right now and gains a lot of quotes. The users rated this amazing machine for simple operation, great performance, and efficiency.

The VacMaster VP210 is a chamber vacuum sealer. With a 10-inch sealing bar, it can adjust up to 10 x 13 inches food pouches. This chamber vacuum sealer does a great role in vacuum packaging and also good at marinating. The VacMaster VP210 can generate tight seals frequently. This amazing product also does a great job with liquids and moisture foods. For this reason, it is a favorite choice for the sous vide cooking technique. Though this is recommended for the home kitchen, it can be a good choice for commercial users.

There is nothing in this world that is perfect for everyone. Based on the details about the VacMaster VP210 to help you to decide why this product is the best choice for you.

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I would rather say The VacMaster VP210 can be used as a light commercial vacuum sealer which gives a lot of benefits to home users at a very low price. People who have previous experience in operating the suction type vacuum sealer will find a great performance and efficiency by using VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

You don’t need to waste your bags anymore. The VacMaster VP210 generates complete tight seals for every bag. You can also save time when you process bags for sealing. You can do both of the tasks at the same time which saves you valuable time and also money
The VacMaster VP210 is user friendly and easy to operate. You can adjust vacuum time, sealing time, and cooling time by just going to the settings. This will give you the freedom to seal foods of your recommended settings. New users might have some problems adjusting the best settings for various types of food. Once mastered with the operation of this amazing vacuum sealer you will be getting better results. The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the right candidate for the long run when you have complete control over this machine you will get supreme results.

This machine has an incredible feature, This can remember your previous settings which will help you when you seal a lot of foods. When you want to seal a large number of foods this program will help you by remembering the previous settings. All you have to do is just seal the first bags by your choosing settings then open the lid of the machine, place the next bag and close the door. It starts automatically with your previous setting and gives you some time to prepare the next bag.

When your food gets in the touch of oxygen your food is getting spoiled. In this case, the more air you remove from the vacuum sealing bags the longer shelf life will increase your food. The VacMaster VP210 is able to generate a 27″hg to 29″hg level of vacuum, which is higher than the common suction type machine.

The VacMaster VP210 is the best choice for Sous vide cook and mostly recommended for high moisture foods. This model is working great to handle liquids such as soups, stew, and sauces. When you process the liquids items, You should remove the air from the entire chamber then put the pressure from both sides (inside of the bags as well as outside of the bags) of the bags. This will save the bags from disintegrating and

The VacMaster VP210 is an amazing chamber sealer but this chamber model doesn’t support the rolls bags and the textured bags which are used by typical suction types sealers. So the question is what type of bags you can use. You can use only commercial flat bags that are various in shape & size. But the good news is the commercial flat bags are cheap and also available in the store. When you buy a bulk quantity of pouch it will cost very little. This will save a lot of money when you are doing packaging regularly.

If you plan to use The VacMaster VP210 for a long time, it might create some issues. You have to cool down this machine randomly when you want to seal a larger portion of food. But that is not a big issue because you are enjoying a first-class service with a little amount of money.

The dimension of this VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is 20 inches x 14 inches x 15 inches (WxDxH) which means it is very large in size and 72 pounds of weight. This is clear that you can’t move it easily. Though this is clear to you that if you want to store it you need a large shelf. This is also a heavy-weight machine so you have to think of the right place to set up this machine. because you don’t want to move this frequently. If you don’t want to shelf it then you need a large space in your kitchen. When you are done with your setup you will enjoy the happy sealing.

The pouch you can use in VacMaster VP210 is 10 x 13 inches which is the maximum size because the inside capacity of the chamber is 11.25 x 15.25 x 5 inches. Where you have the freedom to seal a larger amount of food.

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The VacMaster VP210 includes the followings –

Custom made Chamber Pouches (75 pcs)
2 Filter Plates
1 User Guide

When you are processing a little number of foods then the filter plates come in the vacuum process. You need to remove all the air from the sealing chamber before sealing the foods. When you are using the small pouches for processing foods you need to use the filter plates to fill the vacant space. The filter plates help to remove the excess air and speed up your sealing processing.

The manufacturer’s bags are great to use. You can get a lot of flat bags in the market from which you can do your sealing but you are not getting the service you want. For that, you need to buy the manufacturer’s bags or pouches. So when you buy the bags or pouches be sure that what you are buying. Before buying manufacturer’s bags please see why they are worthy for you –

3 mil thick extreme Nylon/Poly material
FDA approved
BPA free
Adaptable with the chamber vacuum sealers
Manufacture to be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, or boiled

You can also save a lot of money by buying large quantities of pouches. You can buy pouches directly from the manufacturer or you can buy from stores or you can buy from Amazon.

The VacMaster VP210 can also able to seal containers but there is slightly problem with using the container frequently. You can not use the same container for a long time; it can crack or damage while you seal the container. Chamber vacuum put the pressure from all the site and that’s why the shelf life of a container is decreased when you use it frequently.

The VacMaster VP210 is an amazing product for costumes. People who already use this product have become a fan of this. You hardly find a person who uses it and gives negative reviews. Though this machine might not be the same for everyone. You can find some trouble with the on/off switch and you might be facing some problems while you want to store this product. You will get great customer service for this product. The manufacturer company has done quite a good job to ensure the customer service very well. You will always be a happy client by their service.


  • Build with Stainless steel
  • Rocking piston type dry vacuum pumps
  • Has 10-inch seal bar
  • Dual Seal Wire
  • Pressure indicator and digital control panel
  • Inserted chamber pouches, filler plates, user’s guide
  • 1-year warranty

Product Specification

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What we like most
  • Muscular and well-made machine
  • Generate tight seals rapidly
  • Best for Liquids
  • Stainless steel body
  • Having Dual wire in Chamber
  • Has large seal bar
  • Digital control panel
  • Great customer service
  • 1 year of warranty
What we don't like
  • Might be a problem for a small kitchen
  • You can not move it easily because of its heavyweight
  • Need to cool down for longer use

Wrap up

In the end, if you want the best vacuum sealer for home use you can have this excellent product The VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. This is very simple and easy to operate. You don’t have to bother about its maintenance and it also produces tight seals frequently. It will give a tremendous service with liquid products and that’s why this is a great choice who really want to apply the sous vide cooking technique. You can also seal all other food in this chamber vacuum sealer. This is also a good fit for light commercial business. Through all of that service, you have to cool it down for a while when you work with a large portion of food.

The VacMaster VP210 is great for quick sealing and Reviewround is highly recommended for this product.



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    Arrived in spectacular time; however, there seems like a stab mark with a pencil on the screen’s corner. Otherwise, in working order, the incredible vac seal undeniably has dual sealing bars that I love. Without a doubt great thing. We will need the company to note the damages in the event of future malfunctioning.

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