Vacmaster vp215 chamber vacuum sealer Reviews

The Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is manufactured for a vacuum seal package. This has also chamber technology like The Vacmaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. This vacuum chamber works great for liquids and high moisture-rich foods. The VacMaster VP215 is designed to give very fast, quiet, and provide the best performance. The Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is mainly built for home use but it can be a good choice for small restaurants and other small commercial settings.

The Vacmaster VP215 is introduced with a rotary oil pump. This chamber vacuum is developed with a 10-inch seal bar that can fit 10 x 13 inches sizes of food pouches. The Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Sealer can produce dependable tight sealing frequently without the need for any cool downtime. This chamber sealer works great with liquids and solid items. The Vacmaster VP215 is featured with a strong and excellent 1/4-hp rotary oil pump. You need to take care of this rotary oil pump regularly for better performance. The maintenance is not that difficult to handle.

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The Vacmaster VP215 is good with the design though your machine is not going to a competition for winning the best design prize. This machine looks the same as a typical chamber vacuum sealer which is big, built with heavy stainless steel, and a control panel on the front. VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Basically, Vacmaster VP215 is designed for kitchen use and that is more important than fancy design. What you really need to watch out for is performance and sealing quality.

If you are determined to buy a Vacmaster VP215, you have to make some space in your kitchen to set up this machine. This machine is not like a typical vacuum sealer which you can store on the shelf or a kitchen drawer and get back out when you need it. The Vacmaster vp215 chamber vacuum sealer is measured 20″L x 14″W x 15″H. But you have to keep in mind that, when you set up this on a table or rack you should make enough space above because when you open the lid the height will increase 24”.

If you think you can use the Vacmaster VP215 for heavy commercial use or you are a Hunters or fishermen and need to seal a large amount of meat or fish regularly I would say please see the chamber and sealing bar measurement before buying this product. The chamber measures 15.25″L x 11.25″W and 5” in height and the seal bar is 10.25” long which means your vacuum bags size will be a maximum of 10″ x 13″. You can not use this machine for heavy commercial settings.

The weight of the vp215 chamber sealer is 84lbs (38kg). This will be a concern for the users. You can not move this machine easily. You have to be stuck with this in one place. But if you use a strong kitchen cart then you can move around with this heavyweight machine.

There is some fantastic design featured incorporated in Vacmaster VP215 such as the lid. To widen the space inside the chamber the lid is designed a curved dome shape. Because of its transparent look, you can have a clear view inside of the vacuum chamber. For that reason, you can observe the whole vacuum process.

There is a strong looking lock handle incorporated in Vacmaster VP215. But you have to be careful to use this feature. You can not use the lock when the lid down during operation. If you do so you will get an F1 error displayed on the screen. To get rid of this error you have to power off the whole machine and start again which is not cool stuff while you are busy with food sealing. The locking handle can be used while you are storing the machine.

The Vacmaster VP215 has a digital control panel and easy to operate. The control panel has a lot of features. It includes an analog pressure dial measured in megapascals (MPa), indicator lights that will update you when your machine is vacuuming, Sealing. It has also a small display screen which will show the cycle time and also any error codes.


The Vacmaster VP215 is an incredible chamber vacuum that has a heavy-duty and professional rotary oil pump. For your convenience, the rotary oil pump is used for any large commercial setting or work. This is not that powerful rotary oil pump but it gives a lot of benefits compared to the dry pump machine which is usually found in the market.

Benefits of Oil PumpVacMaster VP215

  • Make the vacuum cycle time fast
  • Increase the lifetime of moving parts
  • Upgraded air pulling
  • Noise-free operation
  • Don’t need the pump to cool down

When you are vacuum sealing the small items you might face some problems if there are no filler plates available. But you might be happy to know that the Vacmaster vp215 chamber vacuum sealer comes with filler plates. Filler plates help you to reduce the air and also the empty space while you sealing food with small vacuum pouches. This is works like magic.

The Vacmaster VP215 is a great performer while you vacuum seal liquids or any high moisture foods. Once you will start vacuuming the liquids you will be fun of this machine. It works like a magic and your liquids don’t split out while you are vacuuming. The chamber vacuum put the pressure from all the side and remove the air as much as possible to tight seal the pouches. This is also a good fit for the sous vide  cooking techniques.

The Vacmaster VP215 doesn’t have any marinade function but you can do this manually. All you have to do just pressing some buttons and get the job done.

When you speak about the sealing power of Vacmaster VP215, This machine has a powerful sealing bar. With a double sealing bar this machine done quite a good job comparing to other models. You can’t any leaks in the vacuum bags while sealing. Your vacuum sealing bags will open nice and strong which promises to keep your food fresh longer than a single seal bar machine.


Maintenance of the machine and parts replacement

For better performance and efficiency you always need to maintain your machine. Vacmaster VP215 is one of them. This not that cheap plastic made vacuum sealer in the market for the home kitchen. This model is designed for good maintenance. The Vacmaster vp215 chamber vacuum sealer uses the oil pump for operation. This oil pump needs periodic maintenance for better performance. Though this is an oil pump you need to change the oil frequently. The oil fills approximately every 72 hours or 1000 bags of sealing. For more information, you can go through the VacMaster maintenance guideline which can be found on the VacMaster websites which will help you to find out the procedures including oil replacement, seal and gasket replacement, etc.

When you need to replace any parts of the Vacmaster VP215, you don’t have to worry about it because Ary VacMaster is one of the most dependable and trustworthy manufacturers. You can find every part available directly from their websites. You will get the parts available over the lifetime of your chamber sealer which includes gaskets and o-rings, seal tape, seal bars, oil for the rotary pump.

Accessories include

The VacMaster VP215 includes the following items:

75 Chamber Pouches
2 Filler Plates
User’s Guide
Maintenance Kit (for oil pump)

The maintenance kit includes an empty oil bottle with a nozzle, Machine oil. You should also get a Phillips head screwdriver but you might need an adjustable wrench in addition. If you are new and this is your main use you have to add oil to the machine.

You can find a lot of cheap vacuum bags or pouches in the market which differ a little from the manufacturer made bags. The manufacturer always recommended for their own bags for better performance because –

3 mil thick extreme Nylon/Poly material
FDA approved
BPA free
Adaptable with the chamber vacuum sealers
Manufacture to be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, or boiled

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  • Stainless steel and strong assembly
  • Strong and excellent 1/4-hp rotary oil pump
  • Individual, contractible 10-inch seal bar
  • Wired double in the seal bar
  • Digitized indicator and control panel
  • Starter kits with chamber pouches, filler plates, maintenance kit, user’s guide
  • Works with both pouches and canisters
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Specification

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What we like most
  • Strong stainless steel box
  • Doing the tight seal regularly
  • Best for liquids and high moisture-rich foods
  • Fast than dry pumps
  • Sound free operation
  • Well developed oil pump
  • Able to process a bulk quantity of foods without the need for cool-down
  • Responsive customer service
What we don't like
  • Not good for jars or canning
  • Unable to seal Mylar bags
  • Need to change the oil frequently
  • Costly then dry pumps
  • Too much heavy to move

Wrap Up

The VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is one of the perfect choices for both home use and light commercial settings. This machine is easy to operate and user friendly. This machine is strong enough to handle food processing without overheating. This chamber sealer is the best choice for solids, liquids, sous vide cooking. Though this machine is large in size and very heavy to make some space in the kitchen and find some difficulties while you want to move this machine still you can choose this machine for long time use. The rotary oil pump also needs periodic maintenance for better service.

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