White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Review

Food Vacuum Sealer is an important element of the kitchen in these present days. People always want a great appliance that does their work very smoothly and also cost-saving. White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer is one of that class product and it is a professional food vacuum machine. This amazing food vacuum sealer is good for your kitchen and also for your wallet too. The cheap price of this product can save you extra money and you can seal almost any food with this amazing machine within a blink of an eye. It is the most less expensive vacuum sealer in the market and can seal almost every item. This amazing vacuum sealer machine is loaded with some fantastic features.

It’s smooth and fashionable design make this product a very fancy appliance on your kitchen countertop. This dimension of this product is 13.7 x 2.3 x 3.3 inches (LxWxH) and the weight is around 1.5 pounds which makes this product very much compact and lightweight. Being compact and lightweight it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. The base of the White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine has two magnets that allow to stick it on a metal surface and make the sealing smooth. This food vacuum sealer is looking fancy and comes in two stylish colors ane is grey and another is white. This food vacuum sealer is small but has strong sealing capabilities that can seal almost any food. It will preserve foods fresh 5X longer in the freezer and 2X longer in the containers and plastic bags when you store them on the shelf.

This Vacuum Sealer Machine works great on sous vide cooking. Though this product has not individual settings for different kinds of foods like dry and moist food it works perfectly outstanding with both of the items. This White Dolphin food with Vacuum Sealer Machine is very easy to operate. All you have to do is just plug it in the eclectic and touch the soft digital buttons on the control center. You can see an indicator light on the top of the control panel which tells you about the sealing progress or completion. This systematic food vacuum sealer comes with five small and five big special custom made vacuum sealing bags that make sure your food freshness and longevity. People also get a user manual who is new with the food vacuum sealer and sealing the food for the first time.Food Vacuum Sealer White Dolphin

Though there is a lot of products in the market with multiple functions, White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine is one of the best among them because of its can seal any foods and at a low price.

Keep Food Fresh for a Long Time

White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine is a game-changer in the market right now. Its simple sealing process makes the best product in the market. It sucks the air out from the package and preserves your food for a long time. This process will save your food to get spoiled and damage. When you use White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer its keeps your food fresh and makes sure doesn’t change its taste and increases the shelf life of foods for later usages. You can also preserve your food and many things wine with vacuum sealing.

Fancy Design

People always want their appliance should be eye-catching and fit with modern decor. When it comes to a food vacuum sealer people always consider the outlooks of the product. All they want is sealing the food. But White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine has changed this thought. This product comes with an eye-catching design and a fancy look. White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine can be fit with your modern kitchen appliance.

Compact & Lightweight

White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine is compact in size and can fit anywhere in the kitchen. You can also store it on the kitchen shelf or drawer after finishing the work which will give you some extra space in the kitchen. Being very less weight you can easily move this product. It’s very lightweight to take anywhere you want. It is an automatic vacuum sealer and has a power button also.

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Easily Stick on Metal Surface

White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine has two magnets in the base. These magnets allow it to stick on a metal surface. If you set up this machine on any metal surface you will get a strong grip while sealing a bulk amount of food. Magnets in the base give this food vacuum sealer an extra grip on the metal surface that makes it unique from others.

Operation is Quick & SimpleKeep Food Fresh for a Long Time with White Dolphin

The operation of the White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine is very simple. You can seal any food with a tap of the soft touch screen. This machine can be handle by anyone. This is very simple and user friendly. All ages people can operate this just by reading the product manual.

Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking Technique

White Dolphin is the best vacuum sealer for sous vide and perfect for Sous Vide cooking methods. Sous Vide is a French cooking technique. In this cooking method, you have to vacuum seal the foods in a cooking pouch and give a heat water bath at a precise temperature very slowly. White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer can vacuum seal the foods very tightly which is the best match for Sous Vide cooking methods. This product makes this cooking method easier for a home cook who is eager to try this cooking technique.

Digital Control Panel

White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer has a digital control panel and soft touch screen to operate this machine safe and sound. There is also an indicator light to confirm the progress of vacuum sealing. The touch screen is very soft. All you have to do is plug the sealer and tap the touch screen to seal the food.

Good for Dry and Moist Food Sealing 

Though White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer doesn’t have a separate option for sealing the different types of food, this machine can seal both dry and moist foods quite nicely. You can rely on this food vacuum for sealing dry and moist foods.

Special Sealing Bags 

You will get 10 special vacuum sealing bags (5 small bags and 5 large bags) which are good looking and works perfectly to seal the foods. You can remove the air easily by using these special bags. It also saves your food for a long time and saves your money.

Easy Meal Preparation 

White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine gives you the heritage of making your meal ready for next usage. Now you can prepare your favorite recipe in a bulk quantity and using this vacuum sealer you can save your food for future usage. White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine also saves your time and money when you prepare your meal in a bulk amount.

Low price 

Although you are getting a first-class service with White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer you are paying a little amount of money. You have to spend around $35 to get this amazing machine. Which is more than fair. You are getting almost every service just spend a little amount of money.

Proper Certification 

This product is perfect for low budgeted people. Being a low budget product you can think is it a good product? But I rather answer yes this is the best product with a low budget in the market right now. Though low budget product White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer comply few certifications which are CQC, CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, FDA. You can rely on this product.

What we like most
  • Fast Sealing
  • Small in Size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Simple operation
  • Low price
  • Easy to clean
  • Special Sealing Bags
  • Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking Technique
What we don't like
  • Don’t have the dedicated sealing modes
  • You have to wait for a while before doing another sealing
  • Don’t come with a jar
  • Don’t have a suction hose

Wrap Up

The users of White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer are falling in love with this amazing appliance. You will get the A category service by costing a minimum. The fancy design and low costing make this vacuum sealer most unique. You can operate this appliance through the digital control panel. You can also prepare the meal and save it for the next usage. As you can see, the design is a bit different. Yet it is the best vacuum sealer in the market at low prices. You can buy White Dolphin Vacuum Sealer Machine for getting world-class service. Review Round highly recommended this product.


  1. Vermillion says:

    This is the first vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. So I had a learning curve at first. However, now I’m thrilled with it. Initially, I was placing the bags incorrectly and was disappointed that the vacuum was not good enough. Then I found that I had to put either side of the bag under the little clips. I put my bags bumpy side down. After that, I had a few successful vacuum seals. I then accidentally covered the inlet port with the tote. I was disappointed again, and I was primarily considering the cost. It does seem that the 8″ bags are the maximum fit for vacuum and seal. But that is okay with me for today. I wanted this to preserve my dried create for more shelf (freezer) life and conserve space. So I’m pleased with this gadget!

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